August Lock with Alexa to SmartThings - HOW?

So I noticed the following article which appears to indicate you can view the status of your lock and even lock it (but not unlock it) here:

So I took a look at how to do this, and am finding I have some pretty basic MAJOR problems replicating what is linked to here:

One of the first steps it indicates is to add the “Amazon Alexa” smart app. My problem: I cannot find said smart app…

I tried to do what the article says, copy pasted:

In the SmartThings app:

Tap Automations
Tap SmartApps
Tap Amazon Alexa

Problem is, I went though EVERY category and I cannot find a Smart App with this name.

The closest match is “Amazon Echo” which I already have enabled. Problem is in addition to the fact that it’s name is different, I only see options to allow Alexa to see my SmartThings items, I do not see any way to enable SmartThings to see Alexa’s items.

I also further have the problem that I cannot simply check “Access to all devices and Routines” from SmartThings to my Alexa, as I will literally end up with a ton of duplicate items as Alexa sees many of my automation devices without the use of SmartThings. Seeing as those devices are ALSO under SmartThings, I will literally have 2 copies of countless devices (with the same names no less). I don’t expect things will work that well. And unfortunately for whatever reason there is a major flaw between SmartThings and these devices (even though they indicate compatibility), in many cases the various commands seem to vanish (i.e. I turn the device on in SmartThings, and SmartThings continues to reflect that the device is on in spite of the device clearly being off).

I got a similar email from Wink ( Yes 3 years after I dropped out of Wink program they still have not updated their email list) .

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SmartThings can’t pull in devices from other systems via Alexa