Nixplay picture frame?

Well I did a search and got zero results so I guess nixplay picture frame isn’t compatible?

It helps to share a link to information about the product, please:

By “compatible”, what functionality were you looking for? While any “smart device” can be integrated to SmartThings somehow, the most likely ones are those which have one of the existing standard Capabilities (functional abstractions).

Yes - as the world gets more and more smart technology - smart things, the spectrum of Capabilities will get larger and larger; but for now, that’s one starting point to consider what “compatible” means.

I guess the only applicable Capabilities would be Media Playback / Media Controls?

Obscure brand devices are seldom compatible.

I was hoping the opening of sliding door would trigger the frame to show a playlist that had 1 picture that reminded renters that leaving door open disables AC then back to original playlist with local events etc when closed.

Cool use case. You’ll have much more flexibility using a “regular” Android tablet (or Amazon Fire HD10, etc.?) or an “Android TV box” connected to a flat screen… than a proprietary picture frame.

This linked thread below is old, but VLC is “just” an App (for Android, PC, Linux, etc.) and so this is duplicate of your use case … minus NixPlay.