Incorrect Mode Status on ST iOS Mobile app back again?

Is it me or after the latest ST mobile app update, the status of mode remains stuck in the app unless you force kill the app and restart? This was a bug several months back and was fixed.

The mode change actually happens but does not reflect correctly.

iOS 10.1.1
ST App: 2.2.3

Yes. I have seen this too.

I opened a ticket. You may want to do the same.

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Saw that yesterday… If I had to open a ticket for every bug… lol

Bug reported

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I have the issue as well. Just opened a ticket as well (that makes two for today :wink: )

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@slagle Hey Tim, is this ever going to be fixed, buddy? This incorrrect mode thing.

I’m seeing this as well it has caused me all kinds of confusion given my location modes seemed weren’t automatically changing with the smartapp I had doing that. I’m sure this did work previously but as you say it is stuck until you force a close of the app.

It clearly isn’t querying the state again or the callback from the server to tell the app the mode change isn’t working.

Love if this was fixed in the next version.

This was an issue several months back and was fixed. This has resurfaced with one of the last few releases and is irritating as hell. @slagle. Tim, please my friiend, can we expect this fix in next release?

I’ve created a ticket for our mobile device team.

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Add another IOS user with incorrect mode reporting in app despite correct mode change

Any update on this? Seeing this on iOS app right now . confused me as I am just setting my app up with automated mode changes and am new to smart things so I thought it wasn’t working until I checked

Btw - is there a way to see what devices are active? I have most of my motion & open/close set up as custom rules and it’d be good to be able to see which are active. Dashboard seems to just show devices which isn’t all that useful

@slagle Tim, my friend?

This wrong status on mobile app really sucks. Is anybody from ST even reading this? @Brad_ST? @slagle Over several app releases, this never gets fixed. Reported months back and acknowledged by support? Can we get some response from ST?

Have you reported this to support?

Several times in the last few months. From March I am trying to get this resolved. several users are affected.

Best wishes to you and your family. We miss your presence. Leaving for India tomorrow for 3 weeks. :slight_smile:

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