Night Mode to Arm Alarm?

This should be easy, but I cant figure out how to do it. All I want to do is have my door sensors arm when I am in night mode, So I can hit my Samsung button and have my house shut down and my alarm arm(stay). Any help please. New user - using the new app.

Not possible with the new app. Time is the only way to automate arming or disarming smart home monitor.

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Huge fail on Samsung’s part, I moved over from Vera and I cant believe that they still don’t have the basics down.

You can load the Classic App and use it with a routine that changes your mode and sets the arming.


It’s worse than that. With the classic app, you could arm the system with any smartthings-recognizable event. We had that for years. They actually took that away with the 2018 app. :disappointed_relieved:

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That’s horrible, and a huge step backwards. Samsung really needs to allow you to use anything as a trigger to change the Smart Home Monitor mode.

As a work-around, I tried setting up rules in the Classic app to change the SHM mode, but they don’t work to change it. I had deleted SHM from the Classic app earlier today, and reinstalled it from the new app. But now the Classic app doesn’t show that SHM is installed/configured, so it seems like SHM in the Classic app is a different thing from SHM in the new app, and the Classic app can’t control the mode of SHM from the new app.

Now for another bit of fun (by the way, this is detailed in the “differences” link that I posted above).

The classic app and the new app each have a feature called “smart home monitor” but they are completely different smartapps and do not integrate with each other in any way. They just happen to have the same name. :scream:

Neither has access to the armed states set by the other.

So if you are using both apps, you need to be careful, because setting up a rule to arm "smart home monitor " in one has nothing to do with the “smart home monitor” in the other.

We’ve had quite a few people where one person in the family downloaded the new app to start experimenting with it, but left the classic app on everybody else’s phones, then set up a SHM rule in the new app and discovered abruptly that that meant no one else in the family could disarm it. :rotating_light::rage:

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Make sure to email support and request SHM automations in the new app.


Yes it appears to be 2 different apps. Have your considered leaving the Classic app installed and using it for SHM?

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Yep, I did that. Haven’t heard back yet, but the decision to not allow control of the SHM modes in the new app thus far in the new app is annoying.

I really hope they fix that…

RBoy, yep, I switched back to the Classic SHM as soon as I saw JDRobert’s message above. I’ll be leaving the Classic app installed as long as I can. I am not a fan of any of the UI on the new app, anyway. It’s slow to load when you have 70+ devices, most things aren’t sorted in any particular order (which makes finding devices in the list cumbersome), device names get truncated if they’re very long (“Master Bedroom Ceiling Fan” becomes “Master Bedroom Ceil…”), etc.

There’s still a lot of stuff missing, but the fundamentals of the UI have issues.