Iris Keyfob: how to set up the buttons?

Hi all,
I got a Iris keyfob for about $5.00. I could pair it to ST hub v2 easily. However, after that, I don’t see any function that I can assign the buttons to do things.

I ended up to use WebCore to assign the logic. I can armed away, stay and disarm by the buttons now. However, it only works for the classic SHM. It does not work to the Samsung Connect smart home monitor.

Thank you very much.

Smart home monitor in the classic app and smart home monitor in STSC are two completely different smart apps that just happen to have the same name. :scream:

As of this writing, the only way to change the armed states for the new one is either by doing it manually with the app or by using the new SmartThings brand button.

No other device, smart app, automation, or web core can change the new one.

There are At least four threads discussing this in the forum already, including The thread with the list of differences ( this is a clickable link)


In the Classic app, in the marketplace,smartapps tab, more+, button controller.


Thank you all so much.

Both are the answers I needed.


I also realize there is no option to arm, disarm and so on from the smartApp. I still need to do it in webcore. However, this smartApp is still what I need. I can setup some other simple things by using the app. Thanks again!

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You can run a routine from Button Controller and that routine can arm.disarm Classic SHM


Yes I also noticed that. However, I just want to limit my routine items. Thank you.