Night mode question if either me or my wife is still out

I use night mode when things quieten down after 10:30pm from my living room motion sensor.
This does a number of things, a few being it sets my front door open/close sensor to do things, my porch lights and ring door bell also doing things. Me and my wife are genrerally always in together but what happens if either me or my wife ( individually ) is home, and one of us are out when it goes into night mode. Is there a way to have ST use our presence sensors ( we use our phones ) to switch out of night mode if one arrives. I cant see that option anywhere


I don’t think there is a option directly in the SmartThings app to include your presence sensor.
You could definitely do that using a rule engine like WebCore or Sharptools.


Use routine to set back to home mode when the system is in night mode and one of the presence arrives.

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As @Navat604 says, the welcome routine in Smartthings should do exactly what you’re asking. Only issue is then your in Home mode all night with the SHM most likely unarmed. To resolve this issue I have the following webCore piston:


The system should go back to night mode since he uses a motion sensor for night mode trigger but Webcore is definitely easier once you learn it.

Thanks folks. Managed to do it with basic routines. Just wasn’t thinking correctly with my modes but think I’ve sussed it. :).