How do I handle a scenario where mode is set to night and SHM is armed, then someone else arrives?

Haven’t had this popup yet, because usually at night my wife and I come and go together. But how would I handle a scenario where my wife was home and “goodnight” was already run and SHM armed and ST set to night, and then I come home? It would disarm SHM and set ST to home which would be a good thing so I can come in without setting off the alarm, but then I would manually have to set the ST mode back to night. I have goodnight automated to run at 10 pm every day. I guess the same scenario would also exist if we both came home after 10 pm.


  1. Wife is home alone
  2. At 10 pm “goodnight” automatically runs, sets ST to night, and SHM to armed home.
  3. I come home at 10:30, and “I’m back runs”, setting ST to home and SHM to disarmed.

How can I automate the running of “goodnight” again 5 minutes after I arrive, so the SHM is armed again?

You could set when things quiet down if you have motion sensors and light switch’s to rerun goodnight…

I’ve also programmed goodnight to a wall switch with a press and hold down in the bathroom, and goodmorning to my bedroom wall switch with a press and hold up so I can let the dogs out at night if need be.

I’ve installed wall switch’s for all lights and fans, only switch that isn’t is the garbage disposal!!!