Night mode is active and someone arrives home

Ive had great success with the new app but one im struggling with is, for example my wife is home and night mode kicks in and sets arm (stay). I have this happen automatically when the tv is off and its after 10pm and theres no motion on certain motion sensors.

I then arrive. I cant see the best way to have it switch back to home mode and disarm?

Ive tried even manually doing it but as soon as i do so it then automatically kicks back into night mode and armed (stay )

Can you post a screenshot of the automation based on your wife’s presence?

So this is my goodnight automation.

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I’m not even sure if this is even correct.
The old app was so much easier.

I’d suggest editing the ‘Location mode’ condition and turning on ‘Precondition’ (hidden in ‘Advanced’). I think your problem is that your Automation is being triggered by your Location mode changing to ‘Home’ while the other conditions are still true and the change should prevent that happening.

One thing you are running into is that ST will act as soon as it sees whatever conditions it is set to look for. So even though you change the mode to Home, if the conditions are still the same as what triggers your automation, it will do so. So in your case, you can change it to home, but if the TV is off and it’s after 10, that will still trigger the original automation and set it back to away.

If you and your wife both have ST on your phones, then you might want to have it set that if both of your phones are not home, then it changes to away. If either is home (and you may have to do an automation for her and another for you) it sets it back to home.

I have an away mode set up. That runs fine.
Here it is here.

Here’s my automation I tried to set up from switching out of night mode when someone arrives. Last night I don’t think it worked when I arrived, I’m not 100% sure though because I did get a notification that “JJ is coming home” but then a second later it switched back to night mode before I could even get to my driveway. Then I tried manually doing it from outside my house and it just kept switching to night mode again and armed stay.

Do you think the pre condition on my goodnight automation would stop that from happening @orangebucket ? If so? Why?

Thank you

It should do.

Your time range is itself a precondition. The automation will only run if the time range is valid. If it is then the piston runs whenever something happens that might make the conditions evaluate as true. So if the Location mode changes, or the state of any of your Harmony activities or motion sensors change, the automation runs to see if it needs to do anything. When the Location mode changes to Home the automation will run and check the conditions. The other conditions are still true so the actions run and the mode is flipped back to Night.

By making the Location mode a precondition you are saying ‘only allow this automation to run in this time range and if the Location mode is Home’. The automation can now only be triggered if something happens with the Harmony activities or motion sensors.

Your later automation isn’t a fix as it too is triggered by the mode change. It would disarm your system whenever you switch to night mode and you are both at home.

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I think understand @orangebucket , thanks.
So if I arrive home and it switches back to home, in order for it to go back into night mode one of the motion sensors would have to activate and then have no motion again for xxx amount of time?

If that’s the case then I’ll likely have to delete the bedroom motion sensor because my wife could move and trigger that sensor again and switch it back to night mode?

Your Goodnight routine certainly needs to allow for you also being in the house in some way.

I never had to do that with the old app.
If I’m out I still want night mode to work for my wife.
And just disengage when I arrive. Should be possible.

EDIT. Sorry I misunderstood. Yes I can have me activate the living room motion sensor again, this should trigger the goodnight automation again. Hopefully.