Nexus Player Compatibility?

Any chance we’ll have nexus player compatibility anytime soon? Is anyone working on implementing the leanback API on the smarthings android app?

Pardon my ignorance, but is the smarthings android app open source?

No. Absolutely not open source.

Is there an “overlay” mode for the leanback API, perhaps?

Or… use / write an alternative control panel such as this popular Community developed, browser based:

Not sure leanback would help.

The smart things mobile app is not a traditional controller or remote in and of itself. at the present time, it does not communicate directly to any of the devices on your home automation network. Instead it just functions as a UI for the physical smart things hub.

The phone app communicates user requests to the smart things hub. The hub then issues the actual control commands to the devices/web services and harvests the statuses from them. The hub then updates the statuses to The mobile app.

This is why you can use the smart things mobile app from anywhere in the world and have the hub carry out activities at your house. But it also means that communication technologies that are present in your phone, like Bluetooth or infrared, are not actually usable by a SmartThings installation. Nor is app to app communication.

So there are very few smart things owners who are, for example, controlling Roku or chrome cast or other home entertainment theater devices. Or apps like Plex or even Netflix. If they are,they’re not doing so by using their smart things mobile app as an actual remote. Instead, they have some sort of "man in the middle device, like iTach, some of the harmony devices, a raspberry pi, Roomie remote, etc. and a lot of custom code.

So I won’t say it’s impossible, but it’s not part of the standard configuration, and I haven’t heard of anyone working on one. It would very likely require additional hardware of some kind.