Next version of Alexa leaked?

Will this be the tablet style dashboard we have all been cooking up on our own (i.e. Smart Tiles)?

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I.think.its bull. You won’t have the same functionality in that shape device. There is axreasin Alexa is round the mics … and you also will not get a decent speaker in a tablet.

I suspect it works WITH the speaker/microphone. A tablet specifically designed as an Echo companion.

Could be designing a wall mountable Alexa. Probably lose fidelity in the speaker, but for mics would probably work well in most room situations, maybe even better. I get “echos” from the wall behind it, even when its out over a foot.

Trilby is a third-party device that includes the Alexa service and is already available. It’s in a sort of Etch-a-Sketch shape and has magnets so you can put it on the refrigerator. It’s not a full tablet kind of screen, but it is one example of how different form factors may work for specific use cases.

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