Google OnHub supports IFTTT and Alexa has a brother! (Trilby)

For those that have this router, it may be a good alternative to ST’s presence troubles.

For a few more examples, OnHub details that users could be notified any time a loved one connects or disconnects to the WiFi at home, prioritize certain devices as soon as they connect, or control different devices (speakers, phones, tablets, etc.) and connect them to other products and services that support IFTTT. It seems that the possibilities are quite endless, meaning recipe creation should be quite fun.


…and in other tech news…Alexa has a brother?!?

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haha. Looks like a Speak-and-Spell :slight_smile:


Just read an article on this as well and thought about possibility to integrate with ST presence.

Does anyone here have a Google OnHub? In IFTTT do you see OnHub being able to trigger SmartThings?

On a side note for anyone with Google OnHub how is it? I live in a condo, ~1300sqft, no problem with wifi coverage but speed is getting bogged down now that I have so many wifi devices connected. Have been thinking of getting another router to lessen the load on my existing router (which is also lacking 802.11ac).

Trilby looks very cool, and it’s real – – you can order it for delivery tomorrow. I like the smart phone integration, although I can’t quite tell how much of that is actually hands-free.

It’s an authorized use of the Alexa voice service, not a skill, so you can say “Alexa, set a timer for 10 minutes” and it will work fine.

Something strange, though, Home automation devices, but it also does not integrate with the Hue bridge. Not sure what’s going on there, or how well it would integrate with smartthings. I like the form factor in the fact that it has a magnet intended to stick on a refrigerator.

I may check it out to see how it handles phone calls, which are still a big issue for me.

Update checked in with my wheelchair users group and a couple of people have tried it. First, it only works with iOS devices, which is OK for the Wheelchair users group because we almost all have iOS devices anyway. Second, though, it’s not hands-free – – when a call comes in then you have to push that big yellow button on the side of the trilby. So OK for some people, not others. Third, the doodle notes are cute, but they overwrite each other so you can’t use it for anything important because you might lose messages. So I guess I’ll pass for now.

There is no direct presence changing for ST from IFTTT. So you would have to hack it with a virtual switch tied to a presence device. Here is the list of available ST actions:

But this could help out the weekly post on how do i get a lock to unlock when I connect to my home wifi

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WiFi coverage and speed are great. Covers my 2700 sq ft 2 story+basement house easily. Even can get coverage at the neighbors cul-de-sac about 30 yards away when we are hanging out there. But it doesn’t have very many power user features.


A virtual switch can be a presence device all by itself. So you could use IFTTT channel to turn on the virtual presence device as a switch and smart things will then recognize it as a presence arriving.

That may have been what you meant already, I just wanted to clarify that you don’t need an additional physical presence device. :sunglasses:

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I did not know that device type existed! (although i should have known someone had created that by now). One less step if people choose this route.


Thanks for the mention. I was thinking the exact same thing too. However, I’ve been busy with my part-time job and school to implement. I am wanting to write what I call “Virtual Presence Plus”. That is switch controlled and command controlled.

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I started using IFTTT with my OnHub, so far, I’m simply using it for presence sensors for my inlaws that’s temperorily staying with us. Their phones connects to wifi, virtual presence shows home, phone disconnect, they leave. So far, it’s worked really well so I don’t need to do manual virtual presence toggle anymore.

Edit: nevermind, didn’t read that people mentioned that too…

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I didn’t think I would have much of a use for OnHub and IFTT, but the day this thread was made our I’m back routine never fired until after we were in the house. This tends to happen every now and then because we have crappy cell data service around our house. I created two virtual presence sensors for my wife and I using the link @JDRoberts posted above. It’s fired the routine at least twice already. Yay for increased reliability!