Nexia devices on Smartthings

This post is about an experience I recently had with some Nexia devices. It’s also a general Thank You to the community.
I’ve been using Smartthings for several years but I bought a house that came with a Nexia bridge and several devices supplied by the builder. I didn’t want to set up a separate hub for that stuff. I wanted to install the new devices to Smartthings. The Schlage Camelot lock was recognized right away but the Trane TZEMT524 thermostat was not. I read in the Community that some Z-Wave devices have to be removed from the network before they can be installed. That was the case here but to do the removal I have to set up the Nexia bridge after all.
I’m not going to discuss what a pain in the ass that was here. I could write a whole other topic on that.
Once the removal was accomplished, Smartthings recognized the thermostat right away. It came up as a generic Z-Wave device so none of it’s data was being displayed on my smartphone although it did show up in the device list details on the developer web site.
I read about a Better Thermostat device type someone wrote so I tried replacing the default device type with that one and now it appears to be working properly in the mobile app on my smartphone.
This experience shows that just about everything works with Smartthings if you’re persistent enough so my thanks to the Community and a special thanks to for the Better Thermostat device type.

Just for future reference, general exclusion on any hub should work. You don’t need the original hub.

I actually have a removable usb-stick zwave interface from like 5 hubs ago. I just carry that around to exclude things when I need to even though it’s never been paired with anything in the past several years.

You can put the smarthings hub into general exclusion mode too though the hub utilities menu and it will nuke anything too.

(At one point I went from nexia to a Vera without having the nexia exclude stuff)

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