Newbie question: "no devices found" ever - can only manually add, but new device handler not listed



New to Smartthings, have Hubv3. I have a couple of z-wave switches connected, but i had to do it manually by picking the device types from the bottom of the screen in the app (the device discovery always turned up “no devices found”). I was okay with that since at least it worked.

Now i am trying to add a zigbee device from Third Reality, and it requires a custom device handler. I have that set up and published under my samsung account (where I can see my hub and other devices), but I cannot add the new device. When I try to pair, of course it doesn’t show up in the discovery area (nothing ever has for me). And when i try to pair manually, my new device handler can’t be found in the search in the app.

After working on this for a couple of hours and searching for help online, I just need to know where to go next.

  1. When I add a custom device handler, should i be able to find that in the “add device” area of my smartthings app on my phone? (i.e. is this a problem with the way I am adding & publishing the device handler?)
  2. Or should I troubleshoot why i can’t ever seem to auto-discover new devices? Maybe reach out to Samsung support?
  3. Or should I pursue this with Third Reality?

Any guidance?


(Jimmy) #2

Choose a zigbee bulb from the list. Choosing a non-SmartThings device puts the hub in general inclusion mode and searches for any zwave or zigbee device.


Strange. I did have to pick a random zigbee thing from the list and then it suddenly recognized my device. Thanks for the help!

(Jimmy) #4

Apparently since the v3 hub works with QR code scanning the new SmartThings devices, they decided for it to not turn on general inclusion unless you pick a non-SmartThings device. That way it forces you to qr scan the new devices for more secure pairing.