Newbie Question About Hub v2 Technology

This is probably a dumb question and I’m not sure how much it has to do with SmartThings as opposed to my basic lack of understanding of DSL and wireless technology. But here goes - does SmartThings still work if my desktop is powered off? In the past, when I’ve had to shut it down, my wireless devices continue to work for a while. But only until something resets the DSL modem and then I have to plug the modem into my laptop or something to get the wireless back. But since the hub is plugged directly into the router, if the service goes down and comes up again, does the Hub just reconnect and everything continues to work?

Yes, this is how it is supposed to work.

I confirm: I took my modem down several times because I was shutting the power down in my kitchen to install switches/dimmers and that is where my modem is located. Of course the hub goes off line but I soon as I turned the power back on, everything went back on line (modem and ST hub). You can actually even see that in the activity feed.

OK - so i turned my computer off, went on a trip. While I was gone, Samsung did the update to the hub (according to an email I received and my app says it’s current). For the last 3 days, my android app has been telling me the hub was offline but all the commands kept running and the app kept spitting out messages that everything was going on and off as scheduled and there weren’t any problems. When I got home, all my lights were on and none of my devices are talking to the hub.

I’m *kind *of annoyed at this point. X-10 was really, really, really reliable, as were my mechanical timers - the only point of failure was lack of electricity. Yeah, I can’t see the status, I can’t change things remotely, I had to run around the house and reset them all to the correct time. But what good is a fancy (and expensive) automation system that “pretends” it’s controlling your lights and doesn’t?

Sorry for venting. I had such high hopes.

It just happened again. Hub down, app continues to pretend to turn things on and off. Nothing wrong with my internet. Phone connects to wireless. Why is my hub not on-line? How do I get everything back talking to it? Last time, I spent an hour going around disabling all the devices on my (pitiful and NOT expanding) home automation system. Anybody??