Newbie Looking for Guidance on Audio and IR Blasting

Hello all. I’m closing on a condo in the next few weeks, and I plan to begin installation of a home automation system using Smart Things as the hub. I was hoping some of the experienced members here could offer pointers/references/advice/direction on how to implement some of the audio features I’d like to incorporate into my system.

My thoughts are that I do not want to be using wireless audio speakers, as they will not have the same level of quality as wired speakers. Anyone care to comment on that sentiment? That being said, are there in receivers that will take commands and stream music from Smart Things? Then I would have the receiver pipe the audio to wired speakers. Any info on available products would be much appreciated in this regards.

One other question, is there an available hardware to blast IR messages that is compatible with Smart Things? I’d like to be able to control the TV, DVD, and other IR devices.


Hers is a list of all products officially compatible with smartthings. On the unofficial side of things, check out roomie.

Nice man, I’ll definitely look into Roomie. It looks like the key piece of hardware there is the iTach from Global Cache, right? Is that the goto hardware for IR support, or do recommend any other options?

Sounds to me like you need the exact same setup as me :slight_smile:

ST Hub to control and monitor all your home sensors and switches etc - linked via cloud to a LOGITECH ULTIMATE HARMONY HOME to take control of the AV and IR side of things and all linked to a SONOS CONNECT that is wired into your av receiver for surround sound/music . . . Chuck in an UBI and you can even voice command to it all :slight_smile:

The harmony home n smartthings hubs finally work together very well and it all appears seemless . . .

As a good example in my bedroom, from one click of a button on smartthings it turns on my tv / lifts the tv bed / dims all lights in the room / turns on the led strip at back of the tv as it lifts / turns on the av receiver and is all ready to roll with the harmony remote for a tual tv control :slight_smile:

Im hoping to add in closing the blinds once a reliable and complete window coverings system becomes available out of the few companies trying :slight_smile:

That sounds like a sweet setup! Thanks for the pointers, will definitely look into those products.

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A little bit OT for SmartThings, but I thought I’d just point out that, with some hunting around, there are some good quality wireless solutions out there for those situations where wired just isn’t practical…

I use this to connect the rear speakers in my main 5.1 setup:

It’s been in place for several years in a large high-rise with lots of 2.4GHz neighbours (including 2 other 2.4GHz systems in my own apartment) and has provided very good audio without any interference problems, etc.

I would, however, agree with using the Sonos Connect wired into a surround receiver for your main room (this is what I use for music; the KEF wireless hooks into the AV receiver for the rear speakers for movies). Sonos AMP in the bedroom with smaller (stereo) speakers provides music, alarm clock and better audio for the TV (Line-In on the Sonos takes audio from the TV).

The Sonos units are capable of using their wireless interfaces to communicate, but I have Cat-5 throughout, so I use wired wherever possible.

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Kyle i have the harmony hub and what am i missing here… i’ve gotten things setup and i have actions in harmony but then how do you get these into ST? i’ve gone to the area of ST add’ed the harmony hub signed into my account but i see no icons under things for harmony and no where to even think about asking it to perform say “listen to music” but if i open the harmony app i can “listen to music” but how do you bring this into ST should i be seeing it listed as a thing under things? I don’t even see harmony listed despite setting it up multiple times