IR blaster or Z-wave IR devices

Are there any support Z-wave or IR products that SmartThings support? I wanted to control some of my audio video equipment with SmartThings. I know that MiCasa Verde with GlobalCache iTach.

Does anyone have any experience integration with different devices that will control IR from SmartThings?

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The iTach should work if you code a custom device type for it and perhaps a smartapp to control.

I looked at getting one but ended up buying a $20 usb transciever and have a Windows box doing the IR control. That way, I can control IR devices as well as have Smartthings devices controllable via IR remote. I don’t believe the iTach will respond to IR control, it only blasts.

I too am hoping for some SmartThings support z-wave blaster thing like Logitech Harmony support.

Impliciter, could you describe your setup a bit more? Maybe link to the add on products you use?