Newbie - Aqara, general and hub recommendation

It’s early days. Until Alexa has full Matter support there just isn’t a lot of market pressure on the other companies to have it fully working. My guess (just a guess) is by the end of May We’ll see a lot more functionality. :thinking:

Not supported yet.

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There have been some fantastic answers here, so mine is not really an “answer” per say and more of a comment/question for everyone who has answered (as I didn’t see this suggested). Couldn’t installing one of the Aqara/Xiaomi drivers as found here [ST Edge/Beta] Xiaomi/Aqara/Tuya zigbee sensors driver help? Obviously not all Aqara devices are supported in that driver list, but it’s certainly a lot. I have two Aqara temperature sensors that I have connected directly through ST (not usuing an Aqara hub) which works great and I just ordered four P1 motion sensors and two mini button as I think they’ll work fine as I have the above drivers installed (obviously, we’ll see after I get them … and I’ll report back).

But it seems like this would work. Obviously, like I said before, not all Aqara products are supported by the above Edge driver, but it’s worth taking a look at.

Just my thoughts.

That’s certainly worth a try, and, as mentioned in multiple other threads, some people find the aqara sensors work fine for them, others find they just don’t stay connected. :disappointed_relieved:

since the first post in this thread says that the author has already tried and been unable to get them to work, they were specifically asking about using an aqara hub, so that’s what the rest of this thread has been about.

The following FAQ discusses the issues and some things that can help. But also notes it just doesn’t work for everybody.

Pairing Aqara to Smartthings Edge (TIPS AND TRICKS)

Good point, the drivers certainly don’t seem to work for everyone from a read through of numerous posts on them.

The reason why I mentioned the Edge drivers was because it didn’t seem like @stevehoot had explicitly stated that they tried them, the post only said:

So I was throwing that out as a suggestion/another avenue to explore.

Also, thanks for the link to the Edge pairing tips, that’s very helpful.

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