New Z-Wave devices from Oomi

Hey guys, I just saw a whole set of new Z-Wave enabled devices from a company named Oomi that are now for sale on Amazon! These look like a rebrand/iteration of the latest generation Aeotec devices which isn’t bad but somewhat surprising. They are going for a good $5 - $15 less than their Aeotec equivalents thou so might be worth looking into.

Here are some links:

Oomi MultiSensor - Six Z-Wave Sensors in One - Motion, Temperature, Humidity, Light, UV Light, and Vibration. Secure, Automate, and Monitor Your Home

Oomi Z-Wave Door And Window Sensor - Secure Your Home And Automate Your Preferences. Trigger An Alarm And Receive Notifications.

Oomi Plug - Z-Wave Smart Plug With Energy Monitoring, USB Charger, Signal Repeater, LED For Alerts and Notifications

Oomi Colorstrip+ - Z-Wave RGBWW LED Light Strip 5M, Dimmable And Trimmable

Oomi Bulb - Z-Wave RGBW Smart Light Bulb - Control And Automate 16 Million Colors And Three Temps Of White Light

They also have some cool-looking kits that include what appears to be a touch screen control panel - the Oomi Touch. That’s very interesting given how a SmartThings doesn’t have one of those. I wonder if this one can be hacked to work with SmartThings (since it seems separate from their actual hub - the Oomi Cube). Here are the three kits they offer:

Oomi Smart Home Products, Home Automation, Monitoring, Security (Automation Starter Kit)

Oomi Smart Home Products, Home Automation, Monitoring, Security (Lighting Starter Kit)

Oomi Smart Home Products, Home Automation, Monitoring, Security (Security Starter Kit)

Anyone have experience with these devices/kits by any chance? The Q&A section on Amazon states that they have been tested to work with SmartThings v2 but I do wonder if any of the existing custom Aeotec device handlers will work without modification (since they are what actually makes these devices any good).

Except for the Touch Screen Panel (and perhaps one or two of the “Things”) these are all just white-labelled (re-branded) items from Aeotec and similar manufacturers.

Oomi Smart Home receives a 3/10 review from Tom’s Hardware Guide. I consider it to be “just another failed crowd-funded project”. They were far too ambitious (as most Kickstarters / IndieGogo’s are) and delivered very late and bug ridden.

They may be “dumping” the above listed modules in a desperate bid to raise cash to satisfy their investors or creditors.

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They are made by Aeon Labs and are based on the similar models which work with SmartThings, but they do have some differences, in particular, they have the NFC chip which Oomi uses for pairing.

I haven’t heard of anyone in the forum who has tried the devices. As long as there’s a way to pair them, they should be OK. But that hasn’t been verified yet.

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Did this just hit Amazon?

$459 and only 5 reviews:

  • 1 reviewer is using SmartThings, not the Oomi Home platform.
  • 1 reviewer received the kit free in the Gift Bag from 2017 Grammy’s
  • other reviews? … Customers obviously haven’t used it enough to have an accurate real-world opinion. Maybe it really is good. But $459 good?
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I haven’t been in the forums for quite a while, but I did the indigogo, and was one of the first to receive this product.

Skip it, Skip the devices. My thinking in purchasing was that even if the controller failed that the devices would work like aeon devices. For the most part they do, but they don’t behave 100% like the aeon counterparts (at least not the early ones I received). It’s been quite some time since i’ve even tried to use the system, but if it’s made a 10,000% increase in usability and functionality, it’s still years behind ST.

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This seems like an unbiased (though shallow dive) review:

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Yeah, I agree with the article that It’s possible that it could still become something great.

Bottom line, is that anyone used to things that actually (for the most part) “just work” like ST or Vera won’t be happy with this system. At least not right now.

@JDRoberts, please refer to this thread for my experience with the Oomi Multisensor & ST: