Deluge of New Z-Wave Devices (Water meter, Control Panels, MIMO2, etc) CEDIA 2015 release announcements

Holy Smokes.
From Fortrez
Water Meter —
Looks like this is only a viable option for those who haven’t been upgraded to all electric smart meters.

From URC
Scene Controler —
Anyplace Switch (Battery Operated Decora Switch/Dimmer)
Looks to be rebadged Cooper products? I’ll cross my fingers for a price point drop.

MCO Home
Thermostat —
But also a variety of other zwave products (looks like a lot of the older Aeotec stuff? Who supplies who?)

Looks to be rebadging Aeotec items, but in black. Spiffy I suppose?


It’s CEDIA 2015 Expo Future Home Experience days in Dallas… perhaps that’s the catalyst for these release announcements?

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Also retro fits for existing switches — I suppose if you aren’t as adventurous with rewiring.

Oomi Home has already delayed their “estimated delivery date” by 2 months when I (yes, me, personally) warned them to publish less optimistic dates. I hereby predict many further delays, despite their refusal to be realistic. Optimistic dates have only one purpose: Convince more rubes to buy fund the campaign.

On the positive side, they did make a clever decision to partner with Aeotec to round out their sensor kit offerings.

The FortrezZ video for their connected water shutoff valve is really sad though:

Also looks like the Fibaro motion sensor has been updated, GE/Jasco has a USB Charger/Dimmer combo.

And of course a not-quite-standard shape item from Remotec 16 scene controller.

CEDIA announcements. Some real, some vaporware.

This is still in pre-release. Not just a relabel though. They Have a partnership with Aeotech, and aeotech is producing special devices for them. Oomi has a patent pending pairing methodology that involves combining NFC and zwave, so that you can touch the controller tablet to a new Oomi device, and the pairing will happen automatically. That part is actually pretty cool, and is real engineering.

I agree that all of their production timeline has been way too ambitious all along. But I do expect this one to eventually come to market, unless they take too long and HomeKit scoops up their target audience. They really need to be shipping by January to be viable. I wouldn’t preorder this one, but I am definitely keeping an eye on it.


Well-established Chinese company, been around with zwave devices for several years. No relationship with Aeotech I know of. They both make devices in the “Hong Kong style” which is like two US companies both putting out Rocker switches.

The only thing new here is their decision to push a US marketing campaign.

Good eye! Introduced by URC this year, made by Cooper but not just a white label. Different cases, and some proprietary stuff.

I wouldn’t expect a price point drop on these though, I think they’re intended as dealer installations.

LOL… That really was a sad attempt . The ad sucks.

Sad!? What are you talking about? It’s too funny…by far one of the biggest marketing blunders of the year…I wonder if the ad for Mimolite 2 features the same evil parents closing the garage door on their son’s foot because he left it open.

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FIBARO Has been at it also this week it seems with new devices :slight_smile:

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Ooooh, a button! :smile:

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Its the most NON DISCRETE button of all time by the looks of it aswell hahaha - looks like the one i imagine world leaders have locked in a drawer in their office that can start wars haha

Imagine one of them in your nice modern kitchen to turn something on - BATTLE STATION - DEFCON 5 - ESPRESSO COMPLETE !!! Hahaha


They announced the button as a concept at last year 's show, but it didn’t make it to market then. The tagline for it last year was “panic with style.”

This year, the website shows it as “coming soon” in white, in the music category. So it looks like they’re rethinking what it’s for. But you still can’t buy it.

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“Panic with style” i like that alot hahaha

Its great to see big influxes of products hitting the market i have to admit :slight_smile: be nice to see see whats coming out in a year or two

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I’m interested in Yale’s new door camera with Z-Wave

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Yeah, we’re all waiting to see how the Yale viewer manages battery life! Yale is very good at that, so maybe there’s a breakthrough here.

For those curious about such things, all models will send the video itself over Wi-Fi. There will be an optional piece to add zwave communication, which then allows it to send status notifications and potentially follow some mode-type restrictions based on is zwave controller.

So it’s not video over zwave. It’s device management communication messages sent over zwave to a device that does also video over Wi-Fi.

Which all makes perfect sense. :sunglasses:

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I have been waiting soooooo long for some of Fibaro’s devices to hit the US. I really want to get my hands on their relays and dimmer.