New Xiaomi gateway camera

This new Xiaomi device looks pretty cool. It has a zigbee hub to extend their network but also is a camera.

Their sensors are so nice looking and affordable it is tempting to get some of these to create an Xiaomi network then try to pull the sensors back to ST.

found a very interesting good in Gearbest:

I love Xiaomi and their stuff is great, I wish someone connected them properly.

I have the xiaomi vacuum robot as well and I highly recommend it.

I have been trying to connect them properly because I have a ton of their sensors and they started to drop from the network. Adding them back has been challenging.

I feel like I need to buy a Xiaomi hub and zigbee analyzer to figure it out for good.

The main issue I have with them is that their stuff works through their servers, but you cannot access multiple servers, so if you register on the USA server you might not get the vacuum cleaner, and so you need to register on the Singapore server as well, and then constantly go back and forth…

I have a bunch of xiaomi sensors. No issues.
In the past I found that Osram bulb was causing other devices to malfunction.
Got rid of it and no more issues.

That might be what I’m seeing as well. I installed 4 xiaomi Sensors and two of them keep dropping off. As soon as I reconnect them, one of my lights drops off. Reconnect and a different bulb drops off. My whole dang house is on osram lightify so I really hope that’s not my issue.