Automations & Weather not working

Hello, I had great success with my original 2013 hub and using automations. I have an older home with windows that will get damp on the inside and freeze in the winter; I had the idea last year to put 3 computer fans inside of the base of each window and the damp and freezing issue is gone. I used automations to do this with controlled outlets and instructions to start fans if the temperature dropped below 32 degrees and then again shut off if the temp is over 34 degrees, I never had to think about it last year…SO with the brand new Aeotec hub and SmartThings latest software I am left doing the same exact automation program however it does not work. I wonder what I am missing with trying to get a temperature reading from the weather service the program uses? Any suggestions would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

You are going to have to describe what is controlling the fans and post a screenshot of the automation. Simply saying that it used to work but doesn’t any more doesn’t leave much to go on . . .

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Please post screenshots of your current automation.


Thank you for replying. I have posted the two automation’s that I created. My fans are all wired up to 12 V power supplies which are plugged into Wifi Smart Plugs that were made by SmartThings. Everything turns on and off by going directly into the smartThings Application.

So I set an automation to match yours and it worked fine.

What I don’t know is how the trigger works. In other words, does ST regularly check the temperature and run the automation if required, or does the temperature have to cross the set temperature threshold to trigger. If it’s the latter, set an automation so that the temperature will cross the setpoint to trigger the automation.

Also, check the smart plug by directly turning it on/off via the ST app to make sure it’s functioning correctly.

I too have experience issues using the built in weather temperature as a trigger. So I added the SmartWeather Station Tile device via the IDE and use it instead. I did have to create a looping Automation using a virtual switch to refresh the SmartWeather Station Tile device more often since the default refresh was every 4 hours or so. With that being said, I’ll bet that SmartThings may not update the built in weather temperature in the background very often, or they just update it when the SmartThings app is opened it something.

Could you show your looping automation. I have one for the same purpose but it typically stops working after a day or two.

Generally, events inside ST are triggers and rarely polled. Polling is horrible for scale. BUT with the new Weather Channel automation I honestly have no idea how it’s working internally. That said - optimizing for trigger is the way to go - because even if it is polling (again, I seriously doubt it) it would still work - When it polls. The only difference is do you need to manually force polling or not. :wink:

The automation in this case looks correct. To figure his out we 'll need to determine if its the switch not functioning properly or if its the automation itself.

  1. Delete and rebuild the automation. It’s simple enough to do in this case. I have had automations that didn’t work but deleting them and recreating them mysteriously made them start working.
  2. Test the plug operation both from the app and from a separate automation not driven by weather. (By time of day maybe?) Does that automation work?
  3. Test the weather portion of the automation by setting the same condition but triggering a different device you KNOW works.

Out of these you will have enough information to determine at least which component is the likely cause of the failure and what to report as failing to ST support IF item 1 doesn’t fix it.

I think the Automation subscribes to the feed which updates every 20 (?) minutes. Not sure about the actual condition. I suspect it is actually a rises above or falls below comparison.

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I appreciate your time and what you wrote. I have already done the 3 points you made reference to. I think it is exactly what you are pointing to, the polling of the weather is likely the issue. I can have these automations run perfect using time, motion, ect. This morning at 10:11 A.M all the fans shut off as the temp rose above my setpoint, I guess tonight I will see if they turn back on as the temperature drops. I know its just as easy to trigger all the fans in the application, I just like the idea of not thinking about it :wink: Thanks again for your time and informatin.


I am not that great at doing anything outside of smartThings, how would I install SmartWeather Station Tile Device?


Good luck - and that’s basically the same philosophy a lot of us have. :wink: Makes sense!

Here it is.

And I have a reset in the morning case it stops running.

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Have you ever connected to the SmartThings IDE website?

Thanks for the screen shots.

No I have never connected to the IDE website but I can certainly give it a try !

Thanks for the screen shots.


This is just brilliant. I will absolutely do this kind of automation too! I love how people come up with unique solutions like this. I would never have thought about this. :+1:

Good Morning,

I was able to get into the IDE area of SmartThings, so could you give me a hint at step number two?

Thanks Alot


Select Devices.
Select New Device.
You can input whatever you want the name to be and for the Device Network ID. Select SmartWeather Station Tile from the Type dropdown. And then select you Hub.

Select Create.

Thank you very much !!