New user with V1 Smart things hub question

Hello everyone, I am brand new to using the SmartThings hub and have acquired a v1 for real cheap. I am trying to get the Aeon Labs AEDSB09104ZWUS to work properly on it. Did some googleing and found some info about updating the firmware and to use this code .
I did both but am still getting 0 read out. Not sure if I am doing something wrong or if I need to do more to get it working properly, please help.

If you search this forum for Aeon Home Energy you’ll find a couple of topics that would either answer your questions, or lead you to somebody who knows the answer.

Thanks for the advice, I have been searching but sadly have found little to help the issue. Do you have any tips for how to search and maybe find better results?

Hi @jas155,

Looks like you’re using my device type!

After you updated the firmware, did you reinclude the HEM back to your ST hub? The firmware update nukes the zwave node info, so if you didn’t reinclude it, please do. It’s simple - just use the phone app, go into the device, go to preferences, and then tap on “replace”. When it says “ready to replace device” press the black button inside the back cover of the HEM.

If you did that already, what’s reading 0? Watts or kWh? If you’re running on batteries, kWh reporting is significantly delayed.

If you’re not getting watts, double check that the clamps are installed correctly in the electrical box, and the HEM. The fittings on the HEM can be very tight.

Here’s a search that has a lot of threads on the HEM. Some repeat information, but still lots of good info in these:
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Thanks, I actually removed the device completely and then did the firmware upgrade. I am getting 0 on both. I got the clamps on tight and the 1 and 2 spots in the proper spots, as far as I can tell. I will look at the search you did and see if I can find something. Thanks again.

When you reincluded it after the firmware update, did you tap on the Configure tile?

Yes, and it did nothing like before.

Ok, that’s good - kind of… Tapping Configure won’t change anything that you see in the app, just reporting parameters. If you’re still seeing 0 for watts, there’s definitely nothing being picked up by the HEM. You never know, but you could have a bad unit, but check everything again.

What does the device’s event log show, and try Live Logging to see what it’s picking up.

I just read in one of the threads you gave me a search for that Aeon recommends to remove all power after the upgrade, including the batteries. So I am going to try that real quick.

So I just did the power thing and now I am getting results, but it is showing that I am using 1000413 W and nothing else.

There’s a discussion about these throwing huge numbers, and there’s another parameter factory reset process you need to do if this were to happen. (although it still happens but not as often for me…)

Look at the configure() section in the code, and note the comments regarding parameterNumber 255. Do that and tap on Configure again, recomment/uncomment to return parameter configurations back to normal and tap Configure again. Make sure to publish for yourself after each code change.