New user needs some help setting up space heater schedule

Hi all I am a new user that is excited to be setting up my ST hub and controlling some items in my home. Where is the best way to learn how to use this platform?

I am struggling getting some heating set up for my basement. I have looked at the 5-2 program but do not have a thermostat in my house that communicates with ST so that program will not work. I also look at the its too cold app. I can get the theater to turn on but not off. I need help with this app any guidance is really appreciated.

I have a small space heater that I would like to control through multi-functional switch and on an outlet. What I want to do is schedule the heater to turn on at a specific time and stay on for a scheduled time then turn off when the it is time to sleep. Wash and repeat as programmed. I know nothing about writing an app and was hoping I could find one that will do what I want.

Please help and thank you from a new user.