?Thermostat App to Turn Heat on and off by Date and Time?

I am new to SmartThings and the SmartThings community so bear with me here.
I am formerly a Nexia user, but when Nexia no longer allowed me to turn my thermostats below 55 degrees, I switched my thermostat controls over to SmartThings Hub. Nexia had a very simple to use scheduler which would allow me to create a one time setting to either start or stop my heat (change my temperature on my thermostat) and re-use it whenever I wanted. For example: When my cleaner was coming during the week at a newly scheduled time and date (let’s say for example, she was coming on Tuesday 8AM,. I would set my program “Turn on Heat for Cleaners” to turn all heat to 65 degrees at 2am so the house would be warm and ready in time for her. I also had one that was labelled “Turn down Heat for Cleaners” as she would almost always forget to turn the heat down. I set this either as an independent schedule (Tuesday at 5pm) or as a part of the original schedule which would allow “something” to happen after a period of time (i.e. after 9 hours, turn all thermostats down to 48 degrees). I had multiple “one time” programs in there that I would just keep updating the date and tiem (so for the next cleaning a different week and day, I would use “Turn on Heat for Cleaners” but set the date / day (could be any date or day in the calendars) and adjust the time (i.e. Friday November 17th at 1pm). This made my life extremely easy and I never had to worry about remembering to set or delete a “weekly” schedule which is the only option right now in the climate control section of SmartThings. I am a newbie and don’t know how to use apps as well but look forward to any support anyone has - this seems like it should have been a base part of the system provided by SmartThings so I am curious what is available or what can be created… Sincerely, Scott

Here is piston that I use for controlling my heating.
It has been created in an app called webCoRE.
I’m just posting this so you get an idea of what is achievable.
When we are away it turns off automatically.
For your cleaner you could have it turn on when the door is opened or while there is motion around the house. Lots of options are available.
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Hi Bob, I appreciate your response, but here is why this doesn’t help me.

  1. I am not a programmer, I am an end user, so code and programming does not help me solve this issue. A finished program that’s easy to implement could.
  2. I don’t think you understand the issue at hand. My house is 3,100 square feet and utilizes Hot Water Baseboard, which, as I am sure you are aware, takes hours and hours to get from 48 degrees to a usable temperature. On average, 5 to 6 hours and no less. Having a door trigger the heater would be of no help in solving this issue.
    Please let me know if this all makes sense.

Hi Scott,
I’m not a programmer either. Webcore is a UI based system that allows you to pick various options and build your own program to do what you want.
As for your heating system I’m in the UK and never heard of it.
I hope you get the answer you need.
Good luck.

Thank you for the effort Bob