Scheduling a space heater via a temp sensor

I have looked high and low, and cant find a solution for this. So if I missed it, my apologizes. Anyway, I am a recent Iris transplant, and I am really liking this Smartthings much better. I just installed a Leviton appliance module, and want to schedule it to come on at 4am, off at 7am, back on at 4pm, and off at 9:30pm to run a space heater. I can set the on/off in the phone app, but only for one schedule a day. How do I add multiple on/offs in a single day?

I will also be adding a temp sensor next week, which will allow it to turn on and off based on the temperature during these times. As I type this maybe that will allow me to do do this. Any suggestions?

Others can speak to the scheduling issues, but I did just want to mention that you should only schedule a space heater to go on and off when a person is actually in the room. This is probably what you are planning, but I just wanted to clarify for others who might just be starting to consider this idea.

Space heaters are a significant fire hazard even when supervised. All switch manufacturers, as well as all fire departments, recommend not putting these on an automated schedule if they will run unattended.

Of course a schedule that turns an attended space heater off based on a temperature sensor or even just a timer can be very helpful, and save money as well as energy. So automated controls themselves can be of great benefit. Just make sure they’re only used to turn on space heaters when people are present. :sunglasses:

Hi … I was wondering if you had any success with this, I would like to do same for Infrared Heater, create a time profile with temperature over-ride,a Virtual Programmable Thermostat in effect. Also would like to chart the temp and power consumption. Thanks Michael

I’m also looking for this solution to control space heater. I have temp sensor in room and would like it to come on/off based on temp