New User/Developer - No Log?

So, I’m a new smartthings user (recently picked up a ShieldTV SmartHome Edition to act as my hub). I’ve got a Samsung smart oven, a couple Leviton light wifi switches, and a number of insteon dimmers. Just about everthing is working out well, including getting the Insteon stuff (generally) working via the community sourced device handler. However, I am wanting to troubleshoot a couple issues, and I not been able to get the Live Logging to function in the ide. All I get is up to “Waiting on events…”, and nothing else.

What should I be looking at to figure out why this (critical to me) feature is not functioning?

you first have to make sure you selected your location in the IDE by clicking it in the left most menu item. Otherwise you are in kind of xombie state.

So, I think I figured this problem it. Apparently, only the original used of the location can get the log to work, though anyone else can add things to it. I loved in with my wife’s account (she set it up originally), and the love log is working properly.