New Ubi integrated with SmartThings

(Jody) #1

I got my Ubi today. So far so good. The integration with SmartThings was fairly painless. It detected all of my devices and shows me the status of each. I have run into a wall while creating my new actions on the device. It will control my hallway light which is on a leviton zwave switch, but it will not control any of my tcp connected bulbs or the new ge link bulb.


I was able to get the ubi to control my TCP lights 9/5/14

(Edward Pope) #2

Are you able to control them through SmartTHings? And are you seeing anything in the ST LOG on the IDE site when you are trying to control the lights through the UBI?

(Jody) #3

I can control them through SmartThings, I even have a few smart apps controlling them. They work fine with motion control, doors, etc. I can even see them on the Ubi portal. When I try and trigger an action through Ubi I do not see anything come across for the light bulb in the IDE from Ubi.

(Nicholas Wilde) #4

I’d create a virtual on/off button that triggers your TCP connected bulbs and then use Ubi to trigger the virtual button.

(Jody) #5

I did a repair z-wave in the utilities, rebooted everything, and finally adjusted my phrases in the ubi to be simpler. I can now control tcp lights. I cannot validate the ge link bulbs until the morning. I am discovering that the ubi is not really that good at understanding sentences like Turn off the lights in Jody’s bedroom. I was getting some pretty esoteric responses which were not helpful at all. The ubi development team needs to tone back the sarcasm.

(DLee) #6

Ubi is in a bad state this week after the server problems. IFTTT recipes disappeared twice. You can see in one of the Community forum posts they mention problems with a new random answer provider. You can ask to be switched back. Things were much better for me the first week. They might not realize how poor the new answer provider is yet.

(Nicholas Wilde) #7

I can confirm that there have been problems the last two weeks. There’s been a considerable amount of delay between sending it a command and Ubi reacting.

(Jody) #8

Good to know that some of this is server related and can be addressed. Hopefully they will improve the speech recognition algorithm too. It is very hit or miss at anything more than 10 feet away.

(DLee) #9

I use cords to keep Ubi close. 4 to 5 feet max for voice commands. One on my bedside table inches away so I dont have to yell the GOOD NIGHT command!

(Edward Pope) #10

Apparently it is not the Speech Recognition algorithm that is at fault. But the microphone driver. Per UBI support. I can verify this… I installed the APK on my phone, and iit worked fine.

(Jody) #11

How do you get the APK for your phone?

(Adam Fishman) #12


Folks over at Ubi are in the midst of a major update. The service has been VERY spotty all week. Support is aware of this issue