Anyone else using UBI and SmartThings?

I’m just curious if anyone else is using UBI in combination with SmartThings. I’ve been playing with it for a couple of month now. There are something that work very well, and then there’s problems. Just about all the issues are on the Ubi side though and mostly revolve around Ubi not always understanding me.

The biggest things I’d like to see added as far as integration between the two systems:

Being able to send a phrase for Ubi to speak. For example, I’ve got Ubi setup so that if I say: Open the Garage Door, Ubi does two things:

  1. Says: “Opening the Garage.”
  2. Runs a program on SmartThings that checks if the door is open. If it isn’t, then it opens the door. But if is already open, it turns on a Virtual switch. Ubi watches that virtual switch and if it sees it go on, then it triggers a phrase: “The Garage is already open.”

Having to use this short cut of virtual on/off switches is a pain and it’s going to REALLY fill up my ‘devices’ in no time if I want to add more phrases from Ubi. It would be so much better if I could add Ubi as a device in SmartThings and then be able to send phrases (kinda like log.debug stuff) straight to Ubi.