New Topic Text Area has poor operation

I’ve tried this on multiple browsers and every one of them make it nearly impossible to create a new topic because the main text area does not show the text in a readable manner. Anyone else have this issue? Anyone found a solution? Replies seem to work fine. It is the initial topic cretion that is very hard.

Any spelling errors in this post are due to the fact I can not see the text I’m typing.

Yeah, it is a recent issue. I can get around it by putting IE in compatibility mode. I use Chrome, so its a bit of a PITA, but w/e.

I have been writing my posts in a text editor then pasting into the text area. Then I cross my fingers and hit submit.

Can you guys test it out a bit more and let us know at of specific issues with the forum that you find?

We just pushed through several fixes aimed at making posting easier. Code (tag) should now work better and editing posts in no longer almost impossible.