Anyone else having this problem

While trying to type in the message forum it is not auto-wrapping to the next line. It just overwrites on one line. After posting it is fine. Here is an example

Yeah, I think its happening to everyone.

Seems to only happen when creating a new topic. I like what one of the other members recommended:

“Type up your message in notepad or some other text processor and then cut and paste it into the box”

Since you only need to use it to start a topic, that is a workable solution. I noticed that the edit box also has the same problem, so you might need to copy off the old text, fix it, and then paste it back.

Sucks, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Good idea to write it up and then paste.

Can you guys test it out a bit more and let us know at of specific issues with the forum that you find?

We just pushed through several fixes aimed at making posting easier. Code (tag) should now work better and editing posts in no longer almost impossible.