So many problems now with new forum system

Why the heck can’t I simply type in here what I want to put, and have it actually show up like that after I click the ‘Save Edit’ button or whatever it is?
Man! this is driving me nuts!!!

It keeps adding all kinds of kooky formatting that I did not even include at all…splitting it into goofy sections that don’t exist in mine.

Come on, man!!!

How can I use this forum tool in a way that allows me to put text in here without it automatically messing it up by reformatting it into sections that I did not intend?

I have REAL PROBLEMS right now that I typed out but then it changed it to not even make any sense.
So, as soon as somebody can fix this for me (or just fix me, if that’s what’s needed here), I will change the content of this thread so that I can actually, maybe get some help for the real problems that are going on.

Ask the good folks who designed this tool…

Thanks! :smile:
I didn’t think of checking with the maker of the forum software (which was a much better place for this question).

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Hmmm … is this basically a I don’t like Markdown and don’t want to bother learning it, please let me opt-out and give me a wysiwig editor, kthxbye kind of request?

Where are you getting stuck? What are some example posts?


I typed it out one way in the field on the left, and the field on the right (as well as the resulting actual post) had my text completely reconfigured into wrongly formated paragraphs and wrongly numbered list items. e.g. I included four main items to discuss, and I numbered them in order, starting with 1. (so, 1. 2. 3. and 4.) However, when it did whatever it does, it had two separate lists with some of the text from my number 2. configured as a heading of sorts for the lower section where the two items in each of its lists were numbered as 1. and 2.

I know it’s not a HUGE deal, but in the moment, when I was already dealing with all klinds of craziness with the ST system itself, and I came in here to try to get help, and couldn’t even communicate properly, it was quite frustrating.

Nevertheless, as stated above (prior to your post), I have since submitted a support ticket and am awaiting a response from them on it.

Thank you for your interaction on this. If you have a way of teaching me how to use this system properly without any sort of flaming, I’d very much be interested in learning from you. :slight_smile:


Ordered lists are a huge pain point:

2. test
3. test
4. test

Will produce

  1. test
  2. test
  3. test

This does get much better with the new version Markdown we will be moving to: which allows you to pick the start number and resolve this issue.

We expect to have moved to the new Markdown engine by the end of the year.

Really looking forward to having CommonMark

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Sounds good.
Thanks, Sam.