These Darn Forums

(Tinjaw) #1

For the life of me I can’t figure out how to mark the things I read as read so I don’t keep reading the same things over and over. Is it just me or is this forums software lacking in functionality?

(Gray) #2

I’m pretty sure there’s no such functionality here.

Even worse, the site is a disaster for Windows users. I can’t start a new topic at all using Chrome for Windows, and IE is incredibly slow. I have much better luck in Chrome on my Linux machine. But still, like you say, it’s not exactly a feature-packed forum implementation.

(Tinjaw) #3

I have problems even posting a new thread on Chrome in OS X.

(Cory S) #4

Yeah I cant start new topics using Chrome either. I’ve been too lazy to sign into the forum on IE…

(Tinjaw) #5

The workaround I found is to click one of the formatting buttons. That shook things free for me to start this post.