Integrate Zooz ZSE29 Outdoor Motion Detector with Alexa

I have the Zooz ZSE29 (Z-Wave) Outdoor Motion Detector paired with my SmartThings Hub. No problem. I have also deployed the DTH for this device via the SmartThings IDE website. No problem. I have used SmartThings Automation to turn on lights and sound an Aeotec siren when motion is detected by the ZSE 29. No problem. I have integrated the SmartThings Hub with Alexa via the Alexa app. No problem.

Here is the problem: Although the Zooz ZSE29 shows up as a device in the Alexa app, unlike the Ring motion detector that comes with the video doorbell, when I select the Zooz ZSE29 in an Alexa Routine (such as when the ZSE29 detects motion, Alexa say a custom phrase, like “Motion Detected at X” through my Echo Dot), the routine does not execute. That is, there is no message played by Alexa via my Echo Dot. In contrast, I can get Alexa to say the custom phrase through my Echo Dot with the same type of Alexa Routine when motion is detected by my Ring Video Doorbell 2.

Does anyone know of any custom code or any other way that I can get Alexa to run the Routine with the ZSE29? As I mentioned, the ZSE29 is paired with the SmartThings Hub, SmartThings is integrated with Alexa, and the ZSE29 does appear as a device within the Alexa app. Thanks.

Try removing and re-adding the SmartThings Alexa skill.

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Thank you! This was the solution. I removed the SmartThings skill from the Alexa app, then re-added it and re-discovered all the devices associated with the SmartThings hub with the SmartThings skill in the Alexa app. After doing so and recreating the Alexa Routine in the Alexa app so that the Zooz ZSE29 triggers Alexa to say a phrase (“Motion on lower deck”) when motion triggers the Zooz ZSE29 Outdoor sensor. Problem solved!

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For some reason each of my two Zooz ZSE29 (Z-Wave) motion detectors shows up multiple times in my Alexa Routine list of triggers. All other SmartThings devices show up only once. For example, one of my Zooz devices is named Motion Front Porch. When I try to create a Routine in Alexa, this device shows up 4 times as a possible trigger. In the Alexa app, this device only shows up once under the Devices tab. Now the Routine I have created in Alexa using the Motion Front Porch does not execute. I have disabled the SmartThings skill, rediscovered it, Enabled It and re-scanned my ST devices within Alexa. Same result. Any thoughts?