New to smartthings, problem running automations

Hello, This is my first post here, I have been using Home automations since the days of X-10 and have been a Nexia subscriber for almost 10 years until my recent switch to Smartthings. The transition although time consuming went rather well considering I had to remove 57 devices and then add them to the Smartthings Hub. I have not been so fortunate with automations however, I have created about 14 so far some run some do not, I have called tech support 4 times now and they agree that they are written correctly and can not explain why they fail to run, here is an example of 1 that starts but never shuts off: the lights should shut off after 10 minutes but stay on

you may want to check out smart lights. it can accomplish what you want.

Thank you jkp, that was the answer I was looking for, re-wrote 6 automations already and all seem to working as written, surprised 4 calls to technical support didn’t provide me with that solution.


I’m seeing the same issue. @vlad Here’s my custom rule that turns on the light but doesn’t turn it off after 10 minutes like it’s supposed to.

I’d be curious to see the results if you tried setting the automation in the Classic app. I’m referring to setting the automation in Smart Lighting. Click on “New Automation” and follow the wizard. It will allow you to turn on a device based on motion and then turn it off a specified period of time after the motion stops.

Custom Automations do not exist in the Classic app. You can only find them in STSC.

I was referring to automations generically. i.e. using Smart Lighting, which refers to its applets as Automations. I’ll edit my post.

Smart lighting doesn’t have this exact function. This turns off after X minutes no matter the state of the trigger.

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The discussion is regarding what appears to be a bug in the official “custom automation” feature in the “SmartThings (Samsung Connect)” app. Nothing to do with the Classic app. Both versions of the app have an official feature called “Smart Lights,” but they run on different platforms and have quite different rules engines.


Absolutely correct. I wasn’t trying to draw a parallel. I was simply thinking that using the Classic App might at least partially solve the OP’s dilemma. Not a perfect solution but perhaps close enough.

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I’ve been having the same issue and glad to see it’s not an error on my part. The Smart Lighting automation route works fine since I switched everything over to it. However, the Custom Automations turns on the light ok when the Motion Detector senses movement but doesn’t turn it off after X minutes. I thought they were working ok some time ago when I first set it up in Custom Automations so I’m not sure what happened. I think the Smart Lighting is using Local Execution and perhaps the Custom Automations is not and it’s Cloud issue. Custom Automations SHOULD work properly, so I feel this is a Smartthings bug that needs to be resolved.

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It did use to work.

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Thanks. I spent hours trying to figure it out before I gave up and switched everything over to Smart Lighting. I’m not going insane, whew!

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