Turning off Routine

In the ST app, I was hoping I can create a routine called All Lights and then say alexa turn off all lights. However, the routines dont seem to support the command “turn off routine name” instead I have to say “turn on routine name” is there a way to allow it to support the turn off command? I want to group all my lights with a name like all lights and be able to just say Alexa turn off all my lights

Routines can only be executed, there’s no way for them to be “turned off” or reversed.

What you’ll want to do is create a group within the Alexa app. You’ll then be able to issue commands to that group name.


Thanks creating groups in the Alexa App does the trick, I can then assign routines to a Group which is good.

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I know this is technically off topic as you use Amazon Alexa but I use Google Home and have been able to come up with some nice solutions.

Initially I used IFTTT to achieve what you are saying; I had a bedtime routine in SmartThings and connected both Google Home and SmartThings to IFTTT. Within IFTTT I could add a custom voice command, say “I’m going to bed”, or “Goodnight” which then triggered the routine.

A short while ago Google added a feature called “Shortcuts” to the Google assistant which allows me to define a phrase and then trigger something. So my phrases “Goodnight” or “I’m going to bed” actually calls “Activate Nighttime Routine”. Now all I have to say is “Hey Google, Good Night” and it activates the nighttime routine - its very smooth and natural.

As said, I know you use Alexa so it might be a mute point but I’m not sure if you can’t achieve what you want through IFTTT - I’m not sure if Alexa allows custom phrases, it might.

Hope this helps,