New to smartthings, having a few issues with google integration

hello, I’m just getting started installing a few smart lights and I’m running into some problems. I’m working with sylvania and sengled lights. The sylvania lights connected very easily but one of the lights that I have added to the kitchen room will not respond when i.e ask google to turn on or off all the kitchen room lights. The light works if asked by its specific name (entryway light) I have moved the light to a different room on the app and it still will not respond. The issue I’m having with the sengled light is it will not connect to the hub or reset when used in a lamp. I have tried the bulb in a different location (ceiling) and it connects and works fine. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

With regard to Google and the lights, have you set the rooms using the Google Home app or have you just set them in SmartThings? Only Google doesn’t know about SmartThings rooms.

yes thank you, that was the problem. the odd thing about that was 4 other lights were not assigned to a room through google and they were working fine.

Did they have the room names in the light? Like kitchen this and kitchen that? I’ve found if Google see’s stuff in a name it will group them.

For example, all my fans are connected to switches. So they’re identical to lights as far as the smart hardware. But they all have fan in the name - I.e. Office Fan - and if I tell Google to turn all the fans on it knows to hit them all but not the same hardware devices powering other things without fan in the name.

yes they did, that makes sense why they worked the first time i installed them.