New 'Things' not showing in ActionTiles set-up

Hi all,

Hoping for some help please - I’ve searched through forums but cant find help anywhere.

I’m using Smartthings with ActionTiles and I recently added a new Samsung Motion Sensor, Smart Plug, and also a new Philip’s Hue bulb.

I’ve added these new devices to smartthings.
Philip’s Hue and ActionTiles are both synchronized and authorised with smartthings.

When I go into actiontiles app to add a ‘thing’ to my panel, the new devices are not showing??

I have already gone into ‘my locations’ and forced sync but this didn’t work.

I have also deleted and then re added my location from actiontiles to smartthings and ticked every single device to authorise

When In actiontiles the new devices show up on the authorise things page, when I click authorise then return to my panel to add a thing, the existing devices are there but the new devices are not…

I have checked for updates, switched off my device and back on and even logged out and back in…

I don’t know what else to try…

All I want to do is add my new hue bulb and motion sensor as a tile just like I have for my other devices but they are not showing up

Any help would be really appreciated

Thanks in advance

ActionTiles has their own support channels. Try them, they should be able to help. :sunglasses:

I have posted in AT forum too but I am not sure whether it’s a ST issue or a AT issue

I actually think it must be a ST issue rather than AT because I have created a new account with AT thinking it might be my current AT but that is same issue.
The devices are showing in API and on my ST app and they also show up on the AT authorise ST screen but then they don’t show when I select add a thing from panel - any help would be appreciated

Just checking here. (If you’ve done this already, just let us know.)
Once you’ve added a device to SmartThings, you need to go to the Three Horizontal Bars menu and tap on Automations. Then tap on the ActionTiles (Connect) tab. You’ll see a list of 5 Select/Add options below. Click on each of these if they don’t already read “All Selected” and select your newly added devices. When you’re done, tap Done and your devices should show up in ActionTiles now.
(Actually, you don’t have to have all your devices selected in these options if you have some of them that you don’t want to show up in ActionTiles. Just keep in mind that only the selected ones will be addable to panels.)
(Also, the above instructions are for the current, not the Classic SmartThings App.)

Hi Russ. Yep, I have done this…I even deleted the actiontiles smartapp from smartthings and then reinstalled it, selected all the devices once again and still didn’t resolve it.
Actiontiles have told me there is a current bug adding some devices after running oauth but this is only with appliances such as robot vacuum or washing machine.

The devices I am trying to add are an additional Philip’s hue bulb and a smartthings motion sensor which shouldn’t be an issue because I already have multiple devices of these already attached with actiontiles.

Please contact - always the quickest way to a solution.