ActionTiles didn't recognized a new thing add on smartthings

Hi there,
I had 1 first alert sco5cn on my smart things before I installed the action tiles and it recognized. After that I added one more first alert sco5cn but I don’t see it on my list when I try to add on my tiles. Please help.

When you add devices to ST, you have to go into the AT smartapp and add the new device there too.

But that’s not a smart smoke/CO detector…

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That’s not the Z-Wave model number, I don’t think.

But yes… When you add more Things to SmartThings, be sure to “AUTHORIZE” them to ActionTiles. Either go onto the SmartThings App / Automation / SmartApps / “ActionTiles V6 (Connect)”… Or just Add the Location again from inside the ActionTiles web app!

Thank you. I will try

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Thanks guys. It work now. I have to add new device from AT smartapp :slight_smile:

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