New Stock Edge Drivers Beta list

Are “Edge Drivers” used for “direct connected” devices such as Samsung appliances? I thought “placeholder” was part of the new architecture, including cloud to cloud connections like Meross, but “Edge drivers” only applied to hub-connected devices, meaning zigbee, zwave, and a few LAN-connected devices. That is, an Edge driver runs locally on a ST/Aeotec hub, but there are many “placeholder” devices that can run in a hub-optional configuration. Or am I confused? :thinking:

from the official announcement

These drivers will be made available with our new Driver Sharing feature for device testing and community distribution of Hub Connected devices. Previously, sharing Groovy Device Type Handlers (DTHs) required end-users to copy and paste the code for each individual device into their accounts. Now developers and users can create, share, and consume drivers outside of the SmartThings App with a unique URL.


Hmm, good question. I have no idea, I just happened to notice the change after rejoining those.

Any direct connected or schema c2c device also show placeholder Basically anything non-Groovy shows that.


Right, but are those considered “Edge drivers”? Or are Edge Drivers only for hub-connected devices?

Edge drivers are only devices connected to a SmartThings hub.


Are simulated and virtual switches local or are they not yet converted ?

They will, I’m not sure when. At the moment it’s a manual process to get them publish and then it can take up to 12 hours before all hubs using that channel notice there’s an update. (Though you should be able to edge:drivers:install to push it more quickly once they’re in the channel.)

No they are not yet. I hope they do, especially the simulated one


Thank you. I will give it a try using the cli later on.

Thank you Andreas

I just noticed that on hub details page now we have installed drivers listed


Must be to do with dev mode on perhaps ? Mines off and it is not there which makes sense

If I turn dev mode on my whole layout gets mixed up so I don’t bother now

Yes it has been there for a week now for people who have signed up for the beta

Just to clarify do i need to install lua for this or just the smartthings API?

Just the CLI.

Thanks. When i check for the drivers. It says that i am not enrolled to any channels.

On the drivers however it gives me some custom dth i have. I suspect i have the same issue with @Mariano_Colmenarejo .

Sorry for tagging you again but the bloody reply on comment button does not work… @psbarrett

At least installing the drivers works and i was able to install the zigbee motion sensor driver.

Highlight the text you want to quote then click ‘quote.’

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Thanks for the tip! :slight_smile:

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The 4 new drivers were just published.


Thank you Steven just installed the one i want.