New ST widget on iOS unsafe to use

Besides the litany of problems with the new ST app and widget, I have just discovered a very serious security issue with the app on iOS. When you use the widget to activate a scene, not only does it open the app to run the scene, which completely negates the scene button on the widget to begin with, it tends to also run two or more other scenes at random from the favorites page. This meant that when I ran my “Leaving Home” scene this morning, it locked my door, turned off the lights and closed the curtains, but at the same time it ran the “Unlock Door” scene, and the “Disarm Security” scene, leaving my home unlocked, and all security disabled. The other scenes are nowhere near each other in the app, so it wasn’t a case of the app registering touch on the same spot on the screen when switching to the app, and the other scenes aren’t present on the widget anymore, because of the measly four spaces available now.

Luckily I saw the scenes that ran in the app before leaving, so I was able to run the “Leaving Home” scene again from within the app, but not everyone might be watching their phone screen like I was. I therefore highly encourage all users to stop using scenes from the widget, and I expect Samsung to do something about this immediately, since the new app isn’t just broken and annoying, but also a security risk for those of us with smart locks and connected security systems.


Did you open a ticket?

I’ve seen the same thing, but the issue i have is not random. It appears to run the widget, and then one other scene- consistently. If I run the same scene via ST and not IOS, it works fine.


Yep I’m also seeing this. There was a new app released today for iOS. Try it out an see if that resolves the issue.

It happened with the latest version.

@homeagain It’s random in my app. Sometimes it runs my “Lights On” scene, sometimes the “Unlock Doir” scene on top of the one i pressed in the widget. Tried several times, and it’s never the same scenes, that get triggered.

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I have had this issue happening for the last two to three days. I tried deleting a couple of scenes and added them back again. Sometimes it is random, but mostly runs one particular other scene-consistently.

I have not opened a ticket, as support had been very bad of late with their stock responses.

I have stopped using the SmartThings widget and removed it permanently for the rest of the family

I’ve experienced the same issues. At times it triggers 2 scenes, other times 3 scenes. I noticed this when triggering my goodnight scene but realized it turned off all my cameras. A bit frustrated with the june update. This feels like a beta version or something. Hoping they rollback to pre-june version or fix all these issues. In the meantime I created a few widgets on IFTTT as a work around. IFTTT works but its a bit slow, requires a subscription and has limitations.

I’ve opened a ticket with support and was told - ‘We will investigate the issue and forward it to our team’.

I have attached a screenshot from my SmartThings app. At 4:01 PM I attempted to run the ‘Kitchen-Light On’ scene from my iOS widget, which is currently the only scene displayed in the widget. It then appears to have run the scene multiple times and also randomly run the ‘Home’ scene.

Totally feel your pain! My disarm scene also runs all lights on which is fun when my wife gets up at 445a! There are so many issues with the app I’m wishing I had jumped to Hubitat when I had the hub in hand.

Being an early adopter into all of this I’m quite disappointed with the progression of the service, app and hardware bailout. :angry:

Is it completely random or is there any pattern to it? I tried to replicate the issue and haven’t been able to. Are the extra scenes that are executing also favorites? Does the position of the scene seem to make a difference?

I tried all four test scenes as shown below and am only seeing the selected scene being executed.

Sometimes it is random, but most of the time it appears to be one particular other scene. It doesn’t seem to matter if the extra scenes are favorites. I have also tried deleting scenes and re-creating them with different names.

I can see that multiple users are affected by this bug.

I have attached an image which shows my scenes, of which currently only the ‘Kitchen-Light On’ is set as favorite. When I use the widget to execute ‘Kitchen-Light On’, randomly either the ‘Open Front-Door’ scene or the ‘Home’ scene are executed as well, but mostly it is the ‘Home’ scene that gets executed.

EDIT: adding screenshot of iOS SmartThings widget

Response back from support for the ticket I opened was completely baffling and unhelpful as expected.

That sounds like it is referring to the complaint about the widget opening the app which I don’t think is related to this issue.

Can you email in app logs the next time you notice this happens? A screenshot of the history showing both Scenes executing would be helpful too. To get logs, tap Menu → Settings (gear icon) → Help → Report a problem. The logs should pop up and allow you to share.

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Thanks Brad. As I didn’t see a way to attach or send you logs here, I have emailed the log to the link that popped up when I selected ‘Report a problem’.

From history, it appears that the scene also appears to execute itself multiple times

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Got them, thanks!

Edit: I submitted a bug report with your logs and info.


I saw this for the first time this morning. I ran my scene to DISARM STHM and it executed another scene to turn off lights at the same time.

Support suggested reinstalling the app. Did this help anyone experiencing this problem? I don’t want to do it (risk losing order and settings) if it’s known not to work.


Unfortunately, this issue still persists. Just the other day,
a) I deleted all my scenes and created new ones
b) logged out of app, removed and then reinstalled.

Last week I received an email from support asking if the issue continues or is resolved. I was out of town at the time, so they closed the ticket.

I just don’t use the iOS widget feature anymore

Ugh. This is tiring.


This is still not fixed lol
I can’t even use the widgets anymore because it runs two scenes at the same time.
So stupid…

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