New ST App: NaN entries for numeric values in the history tab

Recently migrated to the new app. I have several Xiaomi Aqara devices (temperature/humidity sensors, motion sensors that report lux readings, illumination sensors).

Clicking on any of these sensors History tab, the numeric responses from these sensors are NaN (or, in my case ‘Epäluku’ which is a clumsy Finnish translation for what I presume is not a number). The numeric values are listed without problems in the Classic app. Also the new app lists the current numeric values on the main tab just fine.


  • Is this a device handler bug in the new app, or a bug in the new app?
  • Is there a way to change the default language for the app? The current translation is more of a hinder than an asset.

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The app appears tonhave widespread localization issues if you’re not using English or Korean as your base language unfortunately.

You’ll have to log a bug im afraid. (file a support ticket)

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The ticket was ultimately closed with “solved” state. Replied to the closed ticket asking whether the issue could be investigated further, did not receive a reply. The problem persists.

With all the other problems I’ve seen after migrating, I’m taking steps to switch to Home Assistant.

Same problem here. My language is French. I’m a software developper and I think this is because the localization is bad. Like you, the decimal separator of my numbers in the SmartThings french interface is the comma ( , ). The numbers are like 21,3 in the live view but the History is filled with NaN (Not a Number). The parsing of the comma decimal separator is wrong I think and it’s probably the cause of the problem.

Same issue in Sweden. Is there a problem ticket for this?

Nope, my ticket 1029530 was closed. @erickv could you take another look at this problem, seems like a widespread issue?

I have been in contact with Smartthings staff with this issue. There is a new plug in release scheduled for next week that should fix this issue

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The issue is resolved at my end! :slight_smile:

How? In my case (Norwegian) from NaN to null. Hardly a fix, I would say.
(Hub firmware updated to 32.x today)

Im running 000.032.00010 on Hub v3 EU and I now get solid history value readings in Smartthings app ( on Android.