Thermostat history broken after controller update

Dear Smartthings team,
Two days ago a controller update appeard in new ST app. After updating, the thermostat history shows Nan instead of temperature and humidity. We had that issue month ago and you fixed it with the last app update. Please check what went wrong with the controller update and release a new controller update to fix it. This is really frustrating when you update something and we have to deal with the issue for weeks or month until you fix it. I can fix the issue by myself when I set English as language on my smart phone but this can´t be a solution.
Thank you

Need some more details to help you. Including make a model of your t-stat.

I guess the thermostat capability cause the issue because my Danfoss LC13 thermostats and xiaomi temp and hum sensors are affected

After the new update last week, none of my devices show history. Neither Xiaomi sensors, Ikea sensors, Samsung smartthings sensors. Neither does Samsung smartplug.
It works as soon as I change language to English on my mobile device. And stops when i change back.

Platform: Android
Smartthings version:
Hub version: 3
Language needed: Danish

Same problem here. My language is French. I’m a software developper and I think this is because the localization is bad. The decimal separator of my numbers in the SmartThings french interface is the comma ( , ). The numbers are like 21,3 in the live view but the History is filled with NaN (Not a Number). The parsing of the comma decimal separator is wrong I think and it’s probably the cause of the problem.

Same here in history for each device I now have NaN°C for all temperature readings both from smarthing multi puprose sensors and aqara sensors. Happened after migration to new app.

In main history each sensor is reporting numbers and not NaN.

Most annoying…