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New Sony Bravia TV integration for 2015 - 2016 alpha


(Brandon) #163

I have my ST linked to my Echo and an automation called movie. When I tell my echo to turn on “movie”, the lights in the room dim to a preset level and the TV pops on. Then when I am done, I tell echo to turn on “goodnight” and they all go off.

(Jack Mcfaddin) #164

@steve.bratt I was able to get my TV up and running. I am able to turn it off with Alexa, but I have to use the “WOL” button to turn the tv on. Is there a way to integrate that with the alexa instead of using the standard on/off switch? My TV will not turn on with the standard on/off button.

Unless, it is a refresh issue. But I don’t think that would be the issue.

(Steve Bratt) #165

hi JM if you turn off powersaver the TV should work as normal. the problem usually is that when power saver is on the tv comepletley shuts down and no longer responds to commands, Wake on lan or IR remote is the only way to turn it back on.

without powersaver enabled, the TV will listent to the SOAP command to turn the tv back on out of standby

If i can get smartthings to know the difference between standby and powersave i can send either a wake on lan or a standby on command, but at the moment i cant do that. if powersave mode is switched off and it still wont work. let me know and ill try to take a look at the code again

(Glen King) #166

If your Bravia is an android tv, Alexa now has direct integration for the basic on/off, volume, and channel functions. Just load the Alexa app on the tv, then go to Alexa’s skills section and enable the android tv app and follow the instructions

(Jack Mcfaddin) #167

Steve. I checked the settings and it was not on power save mode. I did notice it does do a full shutdown when i turn it on and off. I don’t know if it was because the tv was first gen for sony in the 4k market.

(Steve Bratt) #168

is there an options to turn off the full shutdown somewhere? does the wake on lan button work?

(Jack Mcfaddin) #169

I will have to check on that option. The Lan button does work to turn the tv on. I am stumped on what the issue is.

(Steve Bratt) #170

the issue is your TV is full powering off and not listening to SOAP commands, only the IR remote or a Wake on Lan packet can wake your TV. the normal on button is a SOAP command which is the same way the TV channels are changed or the tv is turned off. to save power the TV’s by default go into standby, then after a few mins, they do a full power off. you can turn this feature off.

I am trying to make the handler send a normal power on command and a wake on lan command when powering on to work for both those TV’s with eco mode enabled and eco mode disabled, but ive not got working code yet. ill up date here when its working.

(Kebel87) #171

Hey @steve.bratt , thanks for your work.

If you happen to get back to coding/tweaking the handler, I’d be happy to help with the testing part. I got a brand new X900e :slight_smile:

I might get myself into the code and try some things but I’m far from being a seasoned coder of anything.


Seems to work on my 43XD8099. Any chance to add a “satellite” source tile, similar to HDM1 etc etc? Thanks!


Anyone knows the command for the back button?

(Michael Schwartz) #174

This micro service I wrote works all the functions of my 810c and 850c TVs.

The guts of it may help anyone looking to how to make it work.

The micro service speaks MQTT. I set up a cron job to “press” the play button every hour overnight so Netflix won’t stop after no activity for 3-4 shows.


Work in progress, but this is how my remote currently looks for a x850c. I really need the back button if anyone could help me in figuring it out?
I also don’t get why when I add the function Refresh() in the on() function, it will not turn on the TV?

(Steve Bratt) #176

@aarick are you saving all your changes into github?

(Steve Bratt) #177

also @aarick is the back button the return button?

standardTile(“retu”, “device.switch”, inactiveLabel: false, height: 1, width: 1, decoration: “flat”) {
state “default”, label:“return”, action:“retu”, icon:""

def retu(){
//Set Remote command to send
state.remotecommand = "AAAAAgAAAJcAAAAjAw="
state.button = "retu"

not sure if return is like an enter key or a return to previous key


I have now, but the code is in a bit of a mess at the moment and I haven’t had time to tidy it up yet. Am hoping to uploads icon to my own github and redirect them there when I have a bit more time.


I’ll test it soon, hope it is what I am after.


No joy. Doesn’t do anything on Android TV

(Mark) #181

@steve.bratt thanks for the work on this. I have a Sony KDL-55W800B, I have read the entire thread twice and AFAIK followed all your instructions to the letter, I’m not getting tripped up on any of the steps. I get all the way to the end, but then the TV will not power on or power off. I can see everything showing up in the logs, but the TV does seem to know about it.

Anyone have any troubleshooting ideas? Thanks in advance to the community. I deleted and recreate the handle and device several times, and just can’t get it to work.

(Steve Bratt) #182

cant offer any specific advice @MLUCK other than tripple check everything and make sure your router is blocking messages from smart things to the tv, but i doubt it is.