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New Sony Bravia TV integration for 2015 - 2016 alpha



Hi, you need to make sure that your TV not changing the IP address assigned from your router, make sure you converted your IP4 correctly to Hex. not to forget wake up Lan option on your tv which has to be enabled and turn off power saving option on your tv too.

(Mark) #184

@samk, thanks for the words of wisdom. I haven’t cracked it, but you gave me a new angle to troubleshoot. Thanks! I’ll let you know what I learn…


Was able to assign Exit as back/return button. Working as expected.


Got this working on an 850D. @aarick your remote looks amazing - would you be willing to share?

I am hoping to be able to use this to dim the lights when something is playing… will report back.


Code is still a mess and haven’t had time to clean it up. Some buttons have been customised to my tv as well. For example I’ve remapped Netflix to perform another task.


Awesome, thanks!

I’m looking into using this with webCoRE and notice quite a number of new available things: activities, current activity, level, mute, power, etc… I see “movieMode”… would this be the one to find out whether something is paused/playing/stopped?

(Steve Bratt) #189

aarick, ill try this out as soon as i can with my TV if it works, ill update my code with your changes. However it would be helpful if you can make it as neat as possible with comments and such if you’ve added functions so its clear to see what they do an how to change them.


I know…that’s why been saying that the code is messy…just haven’t had time…
I don’t believe I’ve added any new functions. Mainly just reorganize and remove buttons not suited for Android. I also used the Kodi remote dth for some of the buttons icon…but looking to.move to my github and add more icons in the future

(Dimitris Papadi) #191

Hi! Thanks for this! :love_letter: Things seem to be working in general with my KD-55X8505C. There are two things that don’t though :frowning:

  • I only get the correct state (on/off) when I hit the refresh button. If I don’t, the tile stays green when I turn the TV off, or grey when I turn it on
  • Return key doesn’t seem to work at all

Am I missing something?

(Steve Bratt) #192

Status of the TV is only poled every x mins and as far as i know its governed by smartthings, and the process doesn’t work that fantastically

(Joern) #193

You can create a very simple ‘poll’ piston in webcore to update the status of your TV. It works like a charme.

(Dimitris Papadi) #194

Maybe, but it should be easier to achieve with the device handler. I tried to put a pause command and then invoke the refresh myself, but it doesn’t work.

(Joern) #195

Sure, it should, but it doesn’t. The workaround works perfect for me. So what…
If you find a way to improve, please share it here.

(Dimitris Papadi) #196

So, it’s not only me. Good to know.

(Nathan) #197

Okay so I have this working on my Sony Bravia KDL-43W809C, but even when trying a polling and refreshing option for my TV it constantly shows as being on? can anyone help?

(Amit Bahree) #198

Haven’t tried this yet - but will and then report back (I have a 55" and a 65" Bravia TV’s from 2014). However I am curious on the use cases? How do you all envision seeing this working?


(Steve ) #199

I’ve got the same TV as you and mine shows as off all the time.
It’s a glitch which the Dev is aware of but he’s not sure what’s causing it I think.

(Nathan) #201

i think it needs some polling code somewhere but knowing where to call it is the issue. I’m going to look at the networking and how it works on the TV to see if there is something I can poll for. Will keep you updated

(Nathan) #202

i think its going to be something to do with these lines of code

def off() {
log.debug “Executing ‘off’”

def json = "{“method”:“setPowerStatus”,“version”:“1.0”,“params”:[{“status”:false}],“id”:102}"
def result = sendJsonRpcCommand(json)


def refresh() {
log.debug "Executing ‘refresh’"

def poll() {
//set to 0ff
log.debug "poll count ${state.tv_poll_count}" = "polling"
state.tv_poll_count = (state.tv_poll_count + 1)
if (state.tv_poll_count > 1 ) {
sendEvent(name: “switch”, value: “on”)
log.debug "Executing ‘poll’"
def json = "{“id”:2,“method”:“getPowerStatus”,“version”:“1.0”,“params”:[]}"
def result = sendJsonRpcCommand(json)

(Steve ) #203

I can’t remember off hand but I think it’s something to do with SmartThings and the time restrictions on polling.