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New Sony Bravia TV integration for 2015 - 2016 alpha


(Joern) #142

perfect, if it works for you. How often do you poll the status? I’m using the trigger “Trigger happens every n minutes for that?”

(Jimi) #143

This DH worked great for me, just wanted to say thanks. Still trying to get the status to show up correctly, I’m sure I will get it working in time. I can issue basic commands to Google Home to control the TV such as power on/off. Definitely a step in the right direction.

(Glen King) #144

Followup: I now have an Iris smart plug hooked up to the cable box. As long as I don’t turn the outlet off, it serves as a power monitor. Sharptools is subscribed to its Power state.

If the cable box is off, its power draw is 18.5 watts (dunno why so high). If the box is on, it draws above 19 watts. So my cutoff is 18.8 watts. If sharptools sees below 18.8, it sets a Tasker variable called %CABLBOXPOWR to ‘off’; if it sees more than 18.8, the variable is set to ‘on’. If the variable is ‘off’, the Alexa-IFTTT-Tasker routines that perform cable channel selection turn the box on. If the variable is ‘on’, the routine speeds up by a few seconds because all it need do is select that input and then change the channel.

Not my optimal solution, but a perfectly workable solution nonetheless.

And of course, the more I think on it the more I like it… because I will now have that outlet turn off at night and when we are out, thereby saving a kilowatt hour or two every week.

(Fernando) #145

I’m just polling in the routing I have the “if TV is on” :frowning: I didn’t make a timer-based trigger. But the cool thing is that I can poll right before the check and it always works…

(Joern) #146

Great idea. But how did you implement the poll or refresh command into the IF section of the piston?
You have to poll before the if section? Or did I misunderstand something?

(Fernando) #147

Yes. Here is my piston for “movie mode”:

(Steve ) #148

Thanks for this @steve.bratt :slight_smile:
If got it working great on my KDL-43"
I’m also not getting the status to change even when I press the refresh it only turns green when I press the on/off button.
Have you guys managed to add this to ActionTiles?
I tried to authenticate it but it’s not showing up in the list to even tick , also what command are you Alexa users using to turn the tv off is it just the device name as I can’t seem to get Alexa to do it.


This is unbelieveable. Who would have thought Samsung’s Smartthings would have more integration with a Sony TV than a $3000 Samsung TV explicitly advertised to not only work with smartthings but be its own hub? People like you are what keep smartthings alive.

(Michael) #150

Has anyone successfully used CORE with this Bravia device handler? I can turn the TV on, bring up the system menu, but I can’t get the arrow/navigation keys to work. Without the navigation keys I can’t direct the TV to turn on my cable box via the built in IR control. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

(Adam) #151

Maybe I am going about this wrong, any info/advice would be appreciated. Just started playing around with ActionTiles, it can only toggle power on or off. Is there anyway to add some of the sub commands such as HDM1 or play/pause as their own “buttons”? Same with trying to add it to a routine, only option is to power on or off.

(Steve ) #152

From what I can see you can’t add it directly like you want.
The only thing I could think is create a virtual switch for each function so create one called HDMI 1 for instance.
And then in CoRE set it so when the virtual switch gets turned on turn tv to HDMI 1.
That’s if CoRE allows you to go into them options I’ve not tried.
Thinking about it you may be better using one of them momentary tiles instead of a virtual switch as you don’t need a on/off function.

(Jack Mcfaddin) #153

Do not know why i cannot set this up. I have the IP address for the tv but i cannot get the hex and i am confused on the "ip address part 2 3 4 in the Device setup. my ip is

(Steve ) #154

Your ip should be something like or similar.
So the 192 goes in box 1 and 168 in box 2 and so on

(Steve Bratt) #155

as steveuk23 says, if your ip is as you say, it will be:

ip address part 1: 10
part 2: 0
part 3: 0
Part 4: 71

(Jack Mcfaddin) #157

never mind i got it working. my my problem now is it will not turn on. any idea how to fix. model no. xbr-55x850b

(Steve ) #158

Hiya @steve.bratt
I didn’t realise you still came into this post.
I’ve set this up and out works great thanks.
One thing is though it never shows the correct status if it’s switched on or off even with refreshing and polling etc.
If the tv’s on it will show off but then if i press the power icon it will then display correctly. I’ve tried a couple of the suggestions from further back.
You fancy advising a fellow steve :wink:

(Steve Bratt) #159

Hi Steve I have the same problem if I’m honest. in terms of automation it works fine sending and on command and an off command, but i dont think my code is good enough for the status to work reliably so i often find its not working, At some point ill dive in to the code again and try to sort it out.

jmc, if its not turning on, go into where all the buttons are and see if wake on lan works, if so it wont come on because its gone into power save mode. again its another bug i need to iron out, the easiest way around it is to disable the powersave eco mode on the tv, then the on off button should work as expected

(Steve ) #160

Thanks for the reply steve.
It’s fine it doesn’t really bother me as I can still set up automations :slight_smile:
Now if you were able to create a smartapp to control my sky HD box that would be great :wink:

(Brian Spranger) #161

So I have my tv integrated but I haven’t setup any automation with it. What have people done?

The only thing I can think of is if we are gone, randomly turn the tv on/off during reasonable hours to make it look like we are home…

(Steve Bratt) #162

yeah i use it for that, sometimes just having it come on when you get home is nice. Aslo i have a pixel phone so it works to turn it on and off with voice commands. If you have google home you can do the same thing, its nice to be able to turn everything in the living room off when we go to bed