Which TV for ST integration?

I’ll post in UK and Ireland because I don’t think there’s many models that are sold in both the UK and US.

I’m after a TV (49" max, budget around £600 so no JS9000s please!) that has some functionality with ST.

I’ve got a Samsung D8000 right now, and whilst there’s a device type for it and a SmartApp - which does detect my TV - as soon as you press any button the ST Hub resets. Not ideal! but the idea is good, what I’d like to be able to do is detect when the TV is on (for a CoRE piston to trigger my house out of Night and into Home mode), change the source (“Alexa, trigger Cinema mode” would set the TV to HDMI3, dim the lights and turn the Soundbar on) and maybe enable volume controls too. Nothing too fancy.

I did see that one Samsung could have messages broadcast across the bottom of the screen as a banner - anyone know which that is? I can’t find the thread now.

So I’m capable of choosing a TV based on picture quality and stuff, but which brand/model offers the most ST integration?

Not sure there are many out there as you said. But I have a Sony and this thread does have a DTH for it.

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this device handler while having the options to select HDMI 3 etc does work for most recent sony TV’s however the only thing you can use in automation is the on off button, you could trigger things when the TV goes from off to on, but there can be up to 5 min difference between when you turn the tv on via the remote, and smart things noticing the TV is on. due to the way Smart things polls devices.

not a problem however if your using smart things to turn on the tv.

this device handler contains every button on the remote and more, but these cant be used in core due to the way smart things works which is a bit of a shame, and may change in the future.


I have Samsung TV’s post 2014 so i am SOL.

but Phillips and LG both have very good documented API for Network remote control, so even if its not beeen done for ST, it would not take long using the existing Samsung device handlers on the ST public repo as a base for dev