New Sony Bravia TV integration for 2015 - 2016 alpha


My TV is a Sony Bravia_ATV3_4k_EU - KD-55AG8.

Everything except the power control works perfect. I cannot get smartthings to poll the device correctly and show the tv as being on or off. It always just says off.

I’ve copied and pasted the device id into the device handler network id, but still no look.

Any ideas?

Really appreciate this work, thank you.

Hi. I have a Bravia KDL-55W700B. I was trying to connect it to my SmartThings app but got as far as the static ip part and became completely loss. Is this not for us tech dummies because I can only do this if I have step by step. Thanks

Just noticed your screenshot from the “new” SmartThings app.
How have you got the TV to show on it ?
Mines working fine on the old app but if I go to the new one it shows offline and says network or server error if I click on it.
Are you using the original device handler from the 1st post or have you modified it at all?

Hey Steveuk23,
I didn’t make any modifications to the original device handler - used it as is. If it makes any difference the “New” SmartThings app I am using is version 1.7.36-23 on Android.

I rarely use either app anymore - I’ve gotten too lazy and use Alexa voice commands for just about everything now.


Cheers mate
That’s weird then I’m on the same Android version and handler but mine gives me a network error message even though I can see it’s reporting as working behind the error message.
Like you I don’t really use it at all on the apps only in a routine to turn on and off lol

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