New Sony Bravia TV integration for 2015 - 2016 alpha

Pointing to another thread I just created with a new version I’ve been working on for a bit…

Works on XBR-43X830C (2015), XBR-75X910C (2015), XBR-49X800D (2016) and XBR-49X800E (2017). Thanks Steve Bratt!

Is anyone aware of a modification that will allow Amazon Alexa to control more than just on/off, such as the volume?

I have been able to install the Alexa voice control to my Sony Bravia 2015 android TV.
I did it more than a year ago, and, to be honest, I do not remember so much exactly how I did it, but I had to make many attemps to get it working.

I started from this blogpost:

And I found some useful info in this forum:

If I remember correctly, it was important to change the TV location setting to UK and I have been using a VPN set to UK when sideloading and setting Alexa apk to the TV.

Hope this helps and it is what you were looking for.
Good luck :slight_smile:

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