New Sony Bravia TV integration for 2015 - 2016 alpha

Thanks for getting back to me. Good idea but this sony device is not listed in the available device section of Webcore.

I’m not familiar with the device handler coding but we could make the refresh for each button press and it could update the status properly.

I find this my tv available to select as lights, switches, media controller in WebCore

It is possible to modify the DH letting it update the TV status every minute, you can insert:
in the methods installed() and updated().
The pushUpdate() method should be something like:
private pushUpdate() {

    def powerJson = "{\"id\":2,\"method\":\"getPowerStatus\",\"version\":\"1.0\",\"params\":[]}"

in this way the parse() method should update the status

Hmmmm, it didn’t work for me.

What do i need to do to show up on the Webcode. It is not listed on the available devices list for me.

This is what I use.
You first need to add the TV to webcore , just do that in the SmartThings app and then in webcore choose available devices.
I only have mine set to refresh every 5 mins I find that plenty.

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Thanks, this one helped me to refresh the TV status.

The status of the tv (On/Off) should not require a change of the code or using a refresh command in webCore. If you set up the Device Network ID properly it will update, I had the same issue. Here is the detail from the initial post on that:

Note: Within the Device on the SmartThings IDE the Device Network ID for Device instance must be hex of IP address and port in the form of 00000000:0000 (i.e. is 0A0001DC:0050) - if you check the logs the smart device will log the correct address that you can copy paste, once the IP address has been set. If this is not set you wont get updated on/off status. Apparently you can get the Device handler to set it but ive not been able to properly test this yet.

Thanks for jumping in. It works fine only once and I have to hit the refresh button to make it work continuously.

I did set the correct Device Network ID and I have verified the netid from the live log. All looks good but don’t know what could be the problem. I’m expecting the OP steve.bratt to jump in as well.

Where exactly in “the logs” do I find this?

I have Live Logging going. I change from HDMI3 to HDMI4 on my Bravia.
The hex address does not show up in the live logging. I try to click on each entry, but nothing more detailed comes up.

I used an online IP to hex converter to enter the ID, but I’m not getting updated status.

Open the live log from smartthings IDE and go to your mobile Sony TV switch then settings and hit the save button then it would provide the netid.

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Works perfect with an older Bravia KDL-48w600b. Thanks OP!

I have the XBR-65X850D - don’t know how different they are (F vs. D) - but I have this Device Handler working on mine.

Thanks OP @steve.bratt for this DH! I have the XBR-65X850D (SW Vers PKG5.417.0177NAB) and it is working great in the Classic App.

I don’t know if anyone ever updated you, but in the new App you get Power button and History only.

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How can I check what port my tv is on? I still cannot get this to register.

The default port is usually 80. Do you have any logs, can you control anything?

No control, not status. No communication in any way. Ive been stumped on this, took a break and tried again with the same results on both models I have. I gotta think its either a port issue or a TV setting.

It’s your TV and hub on the same subnet.
You don’t have a proxy server do you ?
Also what’s your IP on the TV and hub ?

Yes same subnet, no proxy

It doesn’t work on XBR43X830C. I decoded to hex my IP but the logs on smartthings keep throwing Creating Hex of IP: null.null.null.null

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