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New Sony Bravia TV integration for 2015 - 2016 alpha


(Chris Tiberi) #345

Does anyone know if this DH works on the new Smartthings app ( not the classic)
I tried all the recommendations in the thread however the part where you go into the app after you have added the device via the IDE does not work… meaning i cannot click on the device in the app and change any settings… it just says “cannot connect” I entered the Hex IP and port in the My devices screen of the IDE, but still no joy…

Any thoughts?


(Steve Bratt) #346

Hi Maverick, I’ve not migrated to the new app yet so I’ve not tested it. I’d be interested to see if anyone else has.

(Joel) #347

This is great. Thank you for making it !

Curious if anyone has gotten the ability to open the Plex app on a Sony android tv using this DTH? Looks like it’s possible based on the conversation here.

(Patrick Mjoen) #348

I dont see that as an available option for the service, but I may not have all the available options. I was working off of @steve.bratt original code to customize. Also have this link for it:

(Joel) #349

ah right. well it’s an app installed via playstore so that may be why… as netflix is pre installed.

(Patrick Mjoen) #350

Others are using Harmony remote and have to create a routine there to navigate to the application.

(Joel) #351

That’s one bit of kit i don’t have.

It’s to solve the issue of Alexa and Plex for those few times Plex isn’t open so Alexa can’t cast to it. But most of the time it works

(Ozgur Cetinoglu) #352

works on 75X9000E

thank you

(Farhanito™) #353

i tried your DH, and it looks great.

is it possible to add polling for volume level and current input (highlight the tile)?

to poll volume level:

path: ‘/sony/audio’
json: “{“id”:2,“method”:“getVolumeInformation”,“version”:“1.0”,“params”:[]}”

result will be like:

to poll current active input:

path: ‘/sony/avContent’
json: “{“id”:2,“method”:“getPlayingContentInfo”,“version”:“1.0”,“params”:[]}”

{“id”:2,“result”:[{“source”:“extInput:hdmi”,“title”:“HDMI 2”,“uri”:“extInput:hdmi?port=2”}]}


(Patrick Mjoen) #354

@farhanito I had looked at adding the volume information in the past but decided not to change as this will all need to be recoded eventually for the new Smartthings app.

(Lopesdasilva) #355

The new app already has support for custom dht ?

(Steve Bratt) #356

feel free to make the required changes and post the code. you look to know more about it than me as im no programmer and bumbled the code together using google and copy and paste.

(Patrick Mjoen) #357

@lopesdasilva the new Smartthings app does not currently support all custom smartapps/DTH’s. This is why they have not migrated all users. Eventually they are asking that all development move from the current groovy language to their newly supported language, so I have not made any changes to my version. As @steve.bratt had suggested, @farhanito is welcome to modify either versions with your request, and publish for others. Sorry but I haven’t had time or the need to update for my own use.


I tried using your commands to retrieve the application list by using the following call:
SOAPAction: “urn:schemas-sony-com:service:IRCC:1#X_SendIRCC”
{“method”:“getApplicationList”,“params”:,“id”:10, “version”:“1.0”}

It gives the following result:

“error”: [
“id”: 10

Would you mind sharing your code to list and start the apps? I am interesting in being able to start Plex, Sling, etc.


(Maxime Morin) #359

Hi @pmjoen, where can I find the same DTH UI as yours? Differents link I found on this thread get DMCA warning and unable to see the complete code.

(Glen King) #360

Apologies, it’s been a long time since I’ve messed with this. I forget much of what I did then lol

(Patrick Mjoen) #361

Yeah, unfortunately there was 1 DTH that had code from another developer that I must have missed and they sent the info to GitHub to shut down the entire repo… DM me and I can send you the code.


Confirmed working on my Xbr75x850e with the original request handler. One thing I noticed is the power state takes a few min to update unless I manually refresh. Is there any fix for that? I want to turn on bias lighting when the tv turns on.

(Alessandro) #363

Thanks! I was able to set it up. I’ll just have to pull on status and i’ll be good to go.

(Patrick Mjoen) #364

There is a post to describe how to resolve the issue with the power status to be updated. Below is the comment from the original post with the details:

Note: Within the Device on the SmartThings IDE the Device Network ID for Device instance must be hex of IP address and port in the form of 00000000:0000 (i.e. is 0A0001DC:0050) - if you check the logs the smart device will log the correct address that you can copy paste, once the IP address has been set. If this is not set you wont get updated on/off status. Apparently you can get the Device handler to set it but ive not been able to properly test this yet.